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the autocracy and diligence of the King. He strove with might and main to reanimate and develop the old industries 鏉窞spa鍝濂?and to establish new ones. This involved incessant contrivance 鍏ㄥ浗楂樼鍝佽尪澶栧洿 and inspection on his part, the free use of subsidies by the State, and the constant imposition of vexatious restrictions upon every form of trade.

One of the most conspicuous examples of Frederick鈥檚 methods is the development of the porcelain industry of Berlin. During the Prussian occupation of Saxony the secret of the far-famed Dresden ware was extorted from the employees of Augustus. The King spared no effort to make the most of his prize. He bought up the manufactory at Berlin, 鏉窞妗戞嬁鎸夋懇缁忓巻 forbade all purchase of rival goods from abroad, installed porcelain at his own 鏉窞涓嶆瑙勫吇鐢熸寜鎽╂帹鑽?table in place of the gold and silver associated with royal state, used porcelain snuffboxes, and bestowed samples of the finest products when convention prescribed a regal gift. To promote the welfare of Prussia, Jews 鏉窞瑗挎箹鍖哄缃?who wished to marry were compelled to purchase a service of porcelain and to dispose of it abroad.

With the same unflinching resolution the King pursued his design of making Berlin a great industrial centre, of establishing manufactures in all his towns, and of forcing Prussia to provide for all her own315 needs and for many of the needs of foreign lands. Every industry, silk and satin, cloth and linen, shipbuilding and mining, alike received the royal stimulus and was compelled to submit to the royal interference. Frederick鈥檚 success varied, 鏉窞鍝佽尪宸ヤ綔瀹?for in some cases it was more apparent than in others that precepts, 鏉窞瓒虫荡鑳告帹 prohibitions, and subsidies could not make good deficiencies of climate, skill, and enterprise. While the production of porcelain was firmly established, that of tobacco by no means fulfilled the expectations of the King. He 鏉窞瓒虫荡搴楀彲浠ュ惞 commissioned a Prussian chemist to find out a sauce which would make the home-grown leaf at least comparable with the Virginian. The experiment, which occupied more than two and a half years, was furthered by all the resources of Government. No less than 1180 samples were tested. The report of the General Tobacco Administration, however, stated that only 34 of these were in any way better for the treatment, and that these 34, 鈥渘otwithstanding they made a brave show to outward seeming,鈥?were too unsavoury even to be mixed with the products of 鏉窞瓒虫荡娌瑰帇 Virginia.



a year the King with the aid of his ministers was 鏉窞419榫欏嚖璁哄潧缃戠珯璧勬簮 wont to take stock of his kingdom, and to measure the progress of all his schemes. In the interval he travelled through his provinces and issued instructions for the amendment of all that he found amiss. 鈥淪chweidnitz and Neisse are still very short of tiled roofs, N. B., someone will have to look to it鈥?is one of fourteen points that he noted down in the course of a visit to Silesia. No detail was too trifling for his attention. At the time when a paper316 manufactory was determined on, doubt was expressed whether sufficient raw material in the shape of fine rags would be forthcoming.

鈥淭he ill custom prevails among us,鈥?rejoined the King, 鈥渢hat both in t

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