First238chapter The outbreak of pickled peppers!The sun is dazzling!

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Randy·Whitman expected。
End of the first quarter32ratio26,Pacers lead6Split off。
The Wizards’ bench is like an enemy,Everyone’s expression is very solemn。
Behind the first quarter6Points are not terrible,The scary thing is that the guy opposite has committed two crimes since the beginning,After this whole quarter, there was no third violation,Instead, he took the opportunity,Also committed a foul by Pierce。
First239chapter Beat the Wizards!Big score1ratio0Lead!
Faucet open,Pentium’s tap water is creating a flood of gate openings,Randy·Whitman is lying on the washbasin,Continuously splashing cold water on the face,He is trying to calm himself down and calm down,Start thinking again。
But it is not an easy task,This bad score difference,It’s as if an elephant was stuffed into his brain,very messy,Even thinking is slow。
He is full of words echoing in his head now。
They are going to lose!
They are really going to lose!
He is trying to find the reason,Also trying to find a solution,But in the end nothing!
They did well enough!
Their only failure may be that he used Bill to lead the team instead of Wall or Pierce in the second quarter.,But that’s only three minutes,Can a trivial three minutes determine the outcome of a game?
Do not!