The Eastern Conference rankings are as follows:1Cleveland Cavaliers,2Toronto Raptors,3Indiana Pacers,4Atlanta Hawks,5Boston Celtics,6Miami Heat,7Charlotte Hornets,8Detroit Pistons,9Chicago Bulls,10Washington Wizards,11Orlando Magic,12Milwaukee Bucks,13New York Knicks,14Brooklyn Nets,15Philadelphia76people。

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The rankings of the Western Conference are as follows:1Golden State Warriors,2San Antonio Spurs,3Oklahoma City Thunder,4Los Angeles Clippers,5Portland Trail Blazers,6Dallas Mavericks,7Memphis Grizzlies,8Houston mosaic,9Utah Jazz,10Denver Nuggets,11Sacramento Kings,12New Orleans Pelicans,13Minnesota Timberwolves,14Phoenix Suns,15Los Angeles Lakers。
The Eastern Conference playoffs are as follows:
The Western Conference playoffs are as follows:warriorVSMosaic,SpursVSGrizzly bear,ThunderVScalf,ClippersVSpioneer。
With three consecutive victories in the last wave,Xu Xuan won the best of the week in the last week of the Eastern Conference,Simultaneously,I got it with an overwhelming advantage4Best of the month。
4month,Walker7Game,Only lost2field。
The best of the month in the last month on the west side was won by Harden of Mosaic.,Average34.8Minute。
The dust settles,Seating schedule!
4month16day,NBAThe first round of the playoffs officially started。
And the walkers will be4month17Day vs. Miami Heat at home!
After finishing the last game of the regular season,Xu Xuan felt that his body finally didn’t have to be tight all the time。
This kind of tingling、Relaxation pleasure,Xu Xuan hasn’t experienced it for too long。