In this city,There should be a lot of imaginary people hiding in it。But then again,So many masters are gathered here,Wu Di is just a newcomer who has just entered Dao Realm,Can she protect herself?

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Lu Li thought of this,I feel a little worried。
Now he is slowly approaching the battle between Fuhuan and Nichen,Can vaguely feel this continuous turbulent undercurrent。As new people keep getting involved in this vortex,And the vortex is gradually expanding。
Lu Li couldn’t help but worry about Wu Di, who was in the center of the whirlpool.。
however,He doesn’t even know where Wu Di is right now,And it is not convenient for him to intervene in the battle between Fuhuan and Nichen,What can you do?
Now he is the first to do,Still see Wenxi!Seeing Wen Lihai’s uneasy daughter,Complete his agreement with Wen Lihai。
He seriously recalled Wen Lihai’s memory,Want to find some clues,But he found that he couldn’t control Wen Lihai’s memory more and more。
Sometimes he wants to know more memories,But always can’t remember,And sometimes when he doesn’t want to remember,Those memories are surging out like a bank。
Back to the first night in the city,Lu Li stayed up all night。This city brought back many memories,But many things from the past can never be returned。
Next day,early morning!
Lu Li left the hotel,Stroll on the bustling long street。The weather this day is a refreshing sunny,Hustle and bustle on the street,very bustling。
As Wen Lihai said,The city is full of vitality。On this pedestrian street,A wide variety of goods,Everything!Lu Li walks among the crowd,The cold fear that another world brought to him during this period,Slowly fade。
And now he is in the crowd,There is a warm feeling around。Only in this ordinary world,To have this kind of peace of mind。
At the end of this long street,Is a wide square。
A lot of kids are playing there,And there is a band playing there in the center,Attracted many passersby to watch。
Suddenly,Lu Li couldn’t help slowing down!
A burst of sweet piano music came from the center of the square,Lu Li stopped,He listened,That band is playing a very cheerful tune。
He likes piano music very much,I like the strong sense of rhythm,This feeling often relieves the fatigue in his heart。Whenever he is stressed,Or insomnia,He will listen to piano music for a while。
But this time it feels completely different,It seems not only because of like。