Qinling positive color,“So I didn’t hesitate to retreat.。”

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“You do this is right。”
Summer eyes flash,“Will it be Gan?”
“Is his possibility。”
Obvious,Qinling has long thought of this.,“Can be his words,Why do you want to do this??”
“Who knows?,In short, there is nothing to work……”
Summer, I haven’t finished,His mobile phone is rumming。
Call is a strange number,Summer picking your eyebrows,Choose to turn on。
“summer,You really come back.……” The phone came from Gano slightly unexpected sound。
Summer is clear,“Your message is very plentiful。”
“You have not hidden yourself,I know very strange??”
What he said is the fact,Summer has not been concealed,Gordaffi failed to stare in the old house near the old house.。
“I went out on a few days ago.,I want to tell you,summer,I thought you have to hide for a lifetime.。”
“You are getting more disgusting。”
Summer face is not resistant,“Have something to say,Fart。”
Gan’s tone is quite angry,“summer,When I thought I didn’t dare to kill you.……”
Summer directly interrupted the phone。
Then look at Qinling and Liu Qingqing,Laugh,“This guy doesn’t know what to do.……”
Voice is just,Mobile phone is rushing again。
Or just now the phone number。 Summer,Sink,Again to turn on again。
“summer,Come out。”
This time,Gano is not nonsense,“Have you not said?,If I can be big bright, defeat you,You will give me the gem,I made a decision,Make a decision,A battle,Life and death。”
I heard this sentence,Summer is some unexpected。
“You dare to tell me?”
“Hum!I am unique,When is afraid of you?,Just don’t want to tear your face with you.,Since you have repeatedly provoked my endurance limit,That’s right,but,You’d better come out,If it is a confrontation,There are also some details。”
“What detail?”
“See also。”Gan drove,“You won’t even see me, I don’t dare.?Rest assured,Just in Yunhu Tea House。”
NS2925chapter Respective calculation
Gano actually wants to confirm in summer。 This seems to be in summer,I can think that the other party is not safe.。
But he still decided to see it.,See what the other person is doing something。
Drive away from the old house,About 40 minutes later,Come to Yunhu Tea House。
The teahouse is not much,Only a few of the ages,And the heart of the temperament,Gather together tea chat。