“This is still not good for the time being.,Main luck。According to my position,Nikkei index is one percent,I can earn about seven million US dollars.,So this kind of situation like today,Although it is not bad,But far from my psychological expectation。

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can only say,Always a more good sign,This will let other investors start panic.,The current global financial market foam is relatively large,Once other investors lose confidence,The whole market is likely to crash,That is the situation I want to see.。”
Different positions,It is also different from the perspective of the problem.,Although if the stock is really coming,Many people’s days will be very difficult,Can everyone, the adult,Investment and financial management is risky,Since getting money in admission,It is necessary to make a mental preparation that may be returned in advance.。?The first batch earned money and careful investigates,I have already selected it.,Falling bag。
This help now,Otherwise greed、Otherwise stupidity,Anyway, no matter how they,Not close Chen Linzhi,He only needs responsibility for himself and its own investors.,No obligation to help others。
The profitter heard that there is money to earn,Run more than anyone else,Waiting until I find not only didn’t make money,But the loss is serious,It is also a vulnerable group。
I want to be safe,It is best to save money into the bank.,Or buy a national debt、Bond,The stock market has never been a good place to be safe.。
Think about it,Chen Linzhi continued to supplement to Changze:
“Now,Glance,The US economically is most。US stocks can almost affect all stock markets around the world,Forming linkage effects between each other,本 The economic strength is not bad,Yesterday, US stocks fell,Tomorrow’s Day Classic Index is also falling,As long as the decline is enough,In turn, it can affect the US stock performance of the next day.,If you can inertially fall,Then my profits will be very considerable。
My layout is mainly located in New York.、Tokyo,Hong Kong City,Average one percent,I can probably have two thousand six million dollars.,Therefore, the performance of the Asian market will be more important to me.,Can you buy a private aircraft to give yourself a gift?,There are still more than ten hours to figure out。”
Her kind of wants to refuse,Also bring a small shy expression,Let Chen Linzhi satisfied。
Changze 绫 ask him again:“You are so accumulated to the current wealth?”
“Roughly the same,Look easy,But want to copy my rich process,In fact, it is difficult as……Luck is more important。”
Chen Linzhi transfer topic,Laugh:“You said before, I want to run a hot spring hotel.,Is it like this?Receive guests every day、Cleanse,It seems that it is quite divestous,Otherwise, try something else.,I have a more suitable for you.。”
“what?”Changze 绫 好 奇 奇,Did not find out the buckle,Chen Linzhi is unlocked with one hand。
Chen Linzhi touched her tofu one side,Side telling:
“I went to Los Angeles before,On the top of the Hollywood Beverly Mountain,Buy more than 100 hectares of land,Create a private manor,At that time, there was a name called confidance.·Griffin’s Hollywood entertainment tycoon wants to compete with me,Later, he was put on me.。
This is not a focus,The focus is on him with two files.,Transfer to the TV station to get more than 20 million US dollars,Very profitable business is,I also have some ideas for variety show.,I will pay for you.,We can cooperate to develop a program,Looking for TV stations to sell them,Investing a few million dollars should be almost,Established a company,Give you some shares,You account for about 10% of our stocks。”
Chen Linzhi’s almost forgotten this matter after,Recently, how to live in Long Ze from the pub.,Accident and remember this,Because she has learned music。
Even between the piano and singing,Her aesthetics is always there,Specific management find some people to help,Believe in creating a qualified team,It should not be too difficult,After all, don’t lack money.。
Let’s talk about some shares of Changze,Percent of 10%,Perhaps the establishment of the initial value of hundreds of thousands of dollars is right.,But this money is nothing to Chen Linzhi.,Just like a millionaire gives no one for five dollars to buy sugar to eat,No need to put it on your heart。
Moreover, Chen Linzhi is too lazy to go to Hollywood toss.,Maybe you can go to the generation,It’s really tossing,Lying in the girl while lying down money。
Besides,Los Angeles is close to San Francisco,Connecting between each other,This is also the focus of Chen Linzhi care,I plan to spend some thought to tie this young woman in my side.……
NS325chapter Empty spring
Changze 绫 is very skeptical if he can do it well,However, Chen Linzhi let her don’t worry,She didn’t say more.。
After a few children who are not suitable,Sleeping on Sunday, sleeping on the feet of Mount Fuji on the evening,Watching this live volcano from the distance,Nearly close。
Two people embracing,No dreams in one night,Mainly she is in special days,I really want to think about it.。
Relationship rapidly to this step,Cross step forward,Nothing is just a problem early or later,Chen Linzhi does not mind,At present, his mind is mainly in business.,I look forward to seeing the results you want to see when you wake up.。
Incident,When I woke up the next day,It is the morning half of the local time.。
Wash the breakfast,He started waiting for the Tokyo Stock Exchange。Go to the nearby park to visit,Also in the country,Go to the shrine, seeking the royal defeat of the road to make a fortune.,Heart gods began to try temporary Buddha foot,Just to ask for a heart。
Over time, one minute,Before the opening,Chen Linzhi is already waiting for a call,Looking forward to having a good result。
Before traveling, he said with Sanpu.,Let the other party have a message to contact him the first time。