How should a baby who is allergic to protein eat eggs?

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How should a baby who is allergic to protein eat eggs?

Infants and toddlers are allergic to proteins, not all proteins.

Therefore, parents should carefully observe what foods their children have allergic reactions to, and avoid giving them this kind of food in the future.

First, infants and young children are more prone to allergies to proteins in dairy and seafood.

Infants and young children who are allergic to protein generally change their age, and the recombination function gradually matures and resolves itself.

  Parents can try to give their child a small amount of egg yolk or custard, and then observe if the child is abnormal (such as skin congestion, itching, vomiting, diarrhea, eczema, etc.).

If not, you can gradually increase your child’s egg consumption and pay attention to whether your child has an allergic reaction during the increase.

If your child has an allergic reaction, you should give them eggs, and you can continue to try to give them eggs after the interval, but you need to reduce the increase each time.

In this way, after a few weeks or monthly repeated attempts, the amount of eggs the child can eat can reach a normal level.