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Keep in mind 7 skin care tabs for best results

Choosing skin care products is like falling in love, the best is not necessarily the best for you.
Many people have experienced this: they spent a lot of money investing in a well-known skin care product, but found that the effect was unsatisfactory.
In fact, it is not that this product has a sham name, nor is it that your skin has a problem, it may be that the choice and use method “sell” you.
If you want the best skin care products, you must look at the seven rules.
  1 Avoid lotions. Summer skin should be light-tongued. What happened: July and August, the most enthusiastic sunshine, the face is always oily. Many women choose exfoliating lotions in daily maintenance and use them daily.
  某些化妆水不宜天天用 去角质化妆水 只宜急救用  不管是什么肤质,如果每天使用去角质化妆水,都有可能会伤害到肌肤正常的角质层,你会发现,肌肤越用越干.
In fact, using exfoliating lotion 1 to 2 times a week is enough.
The temporary emergency effect is good. If the makeup is more concentrated on a certain day, the skin is still dull after removing makeup, or if there is a special event the next day, I hope that the skin will be brighter and shiny. You can use exfoliating lotion to make SOS after removing makeup.First aid to help with secondary cleansing, the skin will become softer.
  2 Freckle-reducing products Only use the best one-season error. After 30 years, there are more opportunities for plaques. The use of freckle-whitening repair products to suppress the cracks has also become part of daily maintenance.
  Don’t let the skin become dependent on wrinkles. Long-term freckle The skin will be “partially eclipsed”. Spots are the enemy of all women. Fortunately, there is a skin care product called freckle products that can treat spots.
This kind of freckle whitening product has a very strong purpose: only one point, not as good as the rest, the effect is of course great.
However, if it is used for a long time, it is likely to make the skin “eclipse” and even affect the skin’s own repair function.
Therefore, do not use freckle products for too long, just a season.
  3 Remove makeup with caution Do n’t forcefully remove oil. What happened: Summer with excessive oil secretion makes women love and hate.
Makeup and oil on the face are mixed together. Make sure to clean thoroughly and make-up remover becomes a daily necessity.
  Cleansing oil is not always available In summer, skin oils are secreted more, and many women use cleansing oils known for their cleansing power every day.
In fact, the ultraviolet rays and heat in the summer can make the skin more fragile. If you don’t apply heavy makeup, give up the cleansing oil.
Strong cleansing oils are likely to irritate the skin and even cause acne and acne.
  Refreshing cleansing products are more suitable for sensitive and fragile skin. Cleaning + Hydrating Makeup Remover for more horsepower. 当然 The cleansing power of Makeup Remover is of course not to say. The most important thing is that it is gentle enough. Makeup remover and moisturizing at the same time.
If you are over 25 years old, be a big fan of makeup remover.
Of course, the makeup removal process will be a little more complicated. You must first warm up the makeup remover with your hands, then gently massage in circles to help clean, then wipe off the cream with a tissue, and finally clean your face again, but for our beauty face, thenTrouble is worth it.
  4 Effective eye cream The effect determines the method What happened: Many women no matter what effect eye cream they use, they gently press or massage from inside to outside.
  Anti-wrinkle eye cream The end of the eye is the focus of massage If the goal is to dilute crow’s feet, when applying the eye cream, use two fingers to gently open the lines of the end of the eye.
  大牌眼霜也不是随便擦上就能发挥神奇效果的   淡化黑眼圈 就要眼底点压   淡化黑眼圈功效的眼霜,涂抹时需重点强调眼底,取一粒米大小的眼霜,轻轻点在眼下,用Fingerless pressure helps absorption, and the entire dark circles are included in the sphere of influence of the massage.
  5 30 seconds Challenge Absorptive What happened: Hurry in the morning and race against time. Although the daily maintenance procedures are done due diligence, it is usually a fast-forward version, which can be done in two minutes.
  保养和化妆 间隔5分钟   有时,皮肤对保养品的吸收度会比较低,日霜或防晒霜的质地又比较浓稠,所以保养和化妆程序间,最少要间隔5~10分钟,不然肌肤没有充分Absorbs the cream, the foundation may float on the skin surface, and the makeup is difficult to follow.
  There are too many types of makeup products, and the effect of a brain overlapping on the face is naturally reduced. Maintenance procedures are spaced at intervals of 30 seconds. 护肤 Each skin care procedure should be spaced between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to give the skin a certain reaction time to better absorb the care products.
It sounds like a waste of time, but the method is actually very simple: After you apply the lotion, you can use your fingertips to gently pat the skin to help absorb it. After you apply the lotion, you need to massage in circles. You feel that the skin is absorbed and the interval is up.
  6 Apply physical sunscreen evenly. What happened: Many people think that no matter what sunscreen products, they should be applied half an hour before going out, and they must be patted to help the skin absorb.
  This summer’s most special for sunburn The more popular physical sunscreens this year generally use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the main ingredients, which are more gentle and non-irritating, and are suitable for sensitive skin.
Sunscreens for sunburn patients in the hospital are generally these two ingredients. Do you know how safe it is?
  Many sunscreens do not need your skin to absorb them. Do not need to be absorbed by the skin. When applying physical sunscreen products, apply them smoothly along the texture of the skin to allow the sunscreen to form a protective film on the surface of the skin for better UV protection.
This method can be different from applying chemical sunscreen: it does not require an advance amount, and it cannot be pressed to absorb the skin, which will reduce the effect.
Because chemical sun protection is based on absorption of ultraviolet rays, physical sun protection is to reflect ultraviolet rays.
  7 Don’t apply cold again. What happened: summer is hot, many women often keep a mask in the refrigerator for cold compresses, or put a small towel in the refrigerator and keep it cold at any time.
  用平价化妆棉冷敷,更能贴合面部轮廓   敷棉片>冷敷面膜   许多时尚杂志和节目都告诉大家冰敷是降温的最佳办法,冰敷当然降温最快,但会在短时间内给肌肤Extremely hot and cold irritation is a great test for the more fragile skin.
Give up the ice pack, there are better ways: soak the cotton pad with moisturizing lotion, and then put it on the forehead, cheeks, chin and even the nose, and apply it for 3 minutes.stimulate.