Month: July 2021

Xie Yun nodded,“Video。unfortunately,Xie Tianbai was not fooled,Nothing said。but,People around him,Have been photographed,Just can do personal face recognition。”


Baby Ou don’t understand,Why do this。 Xie Yunchu pulled another plate of cakes,Divide the baby in half。not in a good mood,Just eat something sweet。 ———— Chapter six hundred and fifty four Treasure While eating,Xie Yun was talking to Baby Ou,“What you said with Xie Tianbai,The secretary is connected to me,I heard。You also heard about Yuanfan […]

“If this item is taken down,Then our economic situation in Kangzhou will rise to a higher level,Buddy you bother,Talk wherever I need to be。”


This word,It’s clearly not what Beicheng Deputy Secretary said,That tone,Although soft、humble,But clearly reveals a kind of restrained domineering,As his deputy,I can’t say such a thing,Obviously,He sits in the report stand,Have a condescending posture。 Zhu Guoqing closed his eyes,With that moment of frustration and depression。He didn’t follow the words of the municipal party committee secretary,But changed […]

“can,completely fine!”


The commander agreed immediately,In fact, what he thinks is that in the future, he will rely on these overseas special forces to help him destroy the rebels.,Without a guide familiar with the geographical environment is definitely not enough…… Moreover,Even if you don’t get their help,Can save those special forces sooner,These overseas special forces can also […]

There is nothing to do even at home,With Shen Ruoxue,It’s impossible for him to have sex with Liu Xiaoyun alone。Yang Shiyun also got off work on time today,Because she was going to buy something for Du Shanshan and her new-born daughter,Express your feelings。So by accident,Where she chooses to buy things,It is also the best in Haishang City


Bustling commercial street,Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun where they are at the moment。 I don’t know how many times this is a coincidence,But there is providence,Destiny is sometimes arranged like this,You will always be at unexpected times and places,Meet someone you are destined to meet!Yang Shiyun came out after having dinner in the city […]

“I will arrange bodyguards to protect you,If there is something,Just tell them。”


Ye Xuan finished,This was a sigh of relief in Chu He’s heart。 If it’s like what Ye Xuan said,Then this,Actually it’s still very good。 And see here,Now,Chu River in front of you,I slowly raised my head and looked over here。 The more so,In fact, Chu He was very indifferent,Don’t forget to say it here。 “if […]

“He is not to you,There must be something upsetting in my heart that we can’t know,You haven’t seen him look haggard lately?And I have not been sleeping well recently,Don’t you mind,Only show your attitude in front of people you know,Meet Mayor Zhang,He certainly won’t have this attitude。”


Ding Yi thought about it,Nod。 “Go,Serve them。” “Who else?” “Director Peng,They are talking,Just sober them up。” Ding lifted up the fruit plate and walked out。 Peng Changyi is talking to Jiang Fan,Look serious,Jiang Fan leaned on the sofa and listened carefully,See Ding Yi come in,Jiang Fan said:“Where did the watermelon come from?” “Brother brought it。”Said […]