Month: December 2021

Sadista was silent for a moment,Although this relationship is far,And it doesn’t seem very credible,But deep in his heart, he still doesn’t dare to take this risk,After all, Beirut is so terrible in his mind。


An entourage behind Sadista said immediately:“Lord Sadista, don’t worry,That Beirut adult may not care about a small middle god。not to mention,As long as I wait for my hands and feet faster,Master Beirut may not know that we killed the so-called Temple of War。” “To shut up。”Sadista frowned。 The entourage did not dare to say […]

But now,In fact, for these things,Shenxuan at this time,It is very random。


“nothing,In fact, these,Secondary,The key is,Our purpose now,It is to solve them again.。” When Shen Xuan said,Then reach out to Huang Chong in front of him.。 And Huang Chong,It is to see the problem.。 but,He is not willing to be so homework.。 “hateful,Damn born,Let’s let everyone,Directly with them!” Chapter 1124 is now only spelling Shenxuan […]

“kill him!Go together!”


Ghost hand and abyss women’s face change,Summer killing killing let them sit hard。 More than forty masters in the field rushed up,Disabled,Knife swordshot shine。 But immediately one of them sent a miserable call.,“what……” Summer void,The snake knife dropped in the field was photographed by him.,It turned out to be in the heart of a master.。 […]

Song Yu suddenly understood the president.。


NS2342chapter She has a boyfriend. Follow the president from abroad to China,He is still understanding the president’s character,President said this,It is really very important to see the talents of the Yue Yixi.。 “President,I see,I will make people pay attention。” Man in the design department,Can not be a bad person,They also play people in the inside,Also […]

But think about it carefully,These,Instead, it is in the reason。


Agua,It is very depressed.。 “Shen Xuan,Are you still arranged??” “How do I feel?,Several families of the third echelon,In your hand,Just like being chopped as cutting vegetables?” At the time of watching Shen Xuan,It is still can’t help but be curious.,Asked here。 For this words of Anguo,In fact, now,Shen Xuan suddenly didn’t know,What should I say?。 […]

After ten seconds,Shake, focus on Martin,“Be,Owner。”


NS2838chapter The hardest is the most difficult Twist。 Building eight floors。 Bloody gas in the hall,Blood mist in the air。 A corpse is stacked on the ground,Bloody flowing,Ding the ground。 This is a picture of the Rune Torker。 “When。” A army throwing a military thist on the ground in the summer,Make a big step […]