Jiangshan Oupai plans to invest 4.500 million yuan new fire door production line project

30/05/2020 0 Comment

On March 19, Jiangshan Europe issued an announcement saying that in order to enrich the company’s existing products and expand production capacity, the company intends to attract4.500 million investment in fire door production line project.It is said that Jiangshan Ou dispatched that the project plans to acquire the industrial land located in Lianhuashan Industrial Park, Hecun Town, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province through the transfer method, and build a new fire door production line project to produce high-quality fire protection that meets market demandThe door is highly complementary to the company’s existing wooden door products, alternating certain needs in different markets.As the implementation subject of this project, the company intends to participate in land delisting and investment construction of the project.According to Jiangshan Oupai, the project plans to build a fire door production line with an annual design capacity of 1.5 million sets.This project is planned to complete plant construction in 24 months, production line plan determination, production equipment inspection, evaluation, purchase, installation and commissioning, personnel recruitment training and other project construction work.The first year after the end of the construction period is the trial production stage of the production line, the capacity utilization rate is 60%, the capacity utilization in the second year is 80%, and the capacity utilization in the third year will reach 100%.The data shows that Jiangshan Oupai is a professional wooden door manufacturing company. The company’s main products include solid wood composite doors and plywood molded doors, and gradually extend to new products such as home doors, fire doors, cabinets and so on.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Jie editor Li Yang proofreading Li Ming

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