Four key words filtered out after the 2014 World Cup Round of 16: Overtime J Luo trickery goal _1

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Four key words filtered out after the 2014 World Cup Round of 16: Overtime J Luo trickery July 3rd: The drama is far more dramatic than the Brazil World Cup quarter-finals. 16 teams played 4 days, 5 overtimes, leaving 8 teams first: Brazil, Germany, Netherlands,Argentina, France, Belgium and “Dark Horse” Costa Rica, Colombia.At the same time, the four key words “overtime”, “J Luo”, “trick” and “door god” came into being.Mexico’s “unemployed brother” Ochoa didn’t score 8 games without overtime. With 5 overtime, the World Cup’s eighth-final match was more than expected, if Robben won in the Mexico’s penalty zone.Penalties, the number of overtime may reach 6 games.In five overtimes, Brazil, Germany, and Argentina won the uniformity of the three championships. The Chilean team pushed the host to the penalty spot of the penalty shootout, while the “Dark Horse” Belgium team went crazy in 90 minutes.No one broke through 30 bombardments.  The background of frequent overtime is that the shooter is misfired, the goalkeeper is brave, and the game is dull.In the group stage, Neymar, Messi and Mueller, who destroyed the city, were all blamed. The Costa Rica teamed up with the Greek team to dedicate the rare and tedious boring battle since the recent World Cup.There are no weak players in the knockout, but the strength of the competition is close. Among them, the first half of 6 games is a crossover, which directly increases the hypnotic effect on the fans.The rising Brazilian goalkeeper Cesar has no shortage of genius or demon in every World Cup. This time the lead star is not James Rodriguez (J Luo).He scored goals in four consecutive games. With five goals, he temporarily topped the list of shooters. The golden age of 23 and the handsome face made J Luo Ran rise.  ”Roche family” can be said to be talented in the World Cup.In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, there are historically “Fat Ronaldo” of Brazil, Ronaldinho.Now that Ronaldo has risen strongly, from one of the most promising rookies before the World Cup to the continuous blooming of four games, Ronaldo’s position in Colombia is gradually surpassing the top 10 player Valderrama.The quarter-finals against Brazil will be the key test for Ronaldo. Previous page12Next pageShow full text

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