“Correct,this time,We work together,Prepare our graduation work together。”A light flashed in Yajuan’s eyes。

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“Ha ha,it is good,A word。”Talking,Yajuan and Ding Yi slapped。
Ding Yi stand up,Looking at Teacher Lin’s dignified and beautiful face,Said:“If you don’t come back at night, get up early tomorrow,Are you okay?”
“what?Wen Ju is coming?Just right,Let me report to him”Ding Yi said happily。
Wait for the morning course to be completed,After the bell rings after class,Lin Zhijun took the folder and walked off the stage,Ding Yi thought he came to her,Stand up quickly,Waiting for Lin Zhijun to come to her,Just smiled at her,Still walking back,Ding Yi turned around,Suddenly saw Wen Qingxuan sitting in the back,Seeing Lin Zhijun coming,He closed the notebook and stood up,Shake hands with Teacher Lin。
Ding Yi couldn’t help but smile,Quickly pack your textbooks and notes,Put it in a big bag on your back,Seeing the classmates are almost gone,She ran to the back of the classroom,Whispered:“Why are you here,And followed the class?”
Ding Yi said:“Too stressful。”
Wen Qingxuan also laughed,Say:“I learn mine,You learn yours,Don’t be stressed。”
Ding Yi said:“Ok,I will。”
Ding Yi said:“You are so busy,There is still time to come to Beijing,I have no reason not to learn。”
Lin Zhijun said:“From Wenju and Xiaoding,I see the future of Kangzhou TV。”
“Ha ha,I’m lighthearted,Can’t do for you。”Lin Zhijun said humbly。
“Ha ha,This is no problem,Xiaoding, this kid is nice,Very savvy about TV,And very hard,It should be the most practical one among the students。clever,Savvy,diligent,As long as you have these few,Exercise a little in actual work,Will be on the road soon。Wen Ju,There will be a new TV star in your place。”
“Yes,Yes,Teacher Lin often cooks a small stove for me,Let me see her collection,Really benefited。”
“Hahaha。”Wen Qingxuan laughed,Said:“Teacher Lin,You are too humorous!”
“Wen Ju,Class in the afternoon,Besides, I don’t drink。”Lin Zhijun declined。
Talking,Got a bottle,Pointing to the packaging above:“You see,The word “collectible” on this wine。Why is it called Zhenzang?This is a long story,For us who are engaged in TV,Is a good news material。A few days ago,We build a square there,An old tree happened to block the way,If this tree is always cut, no doubt。But the owner of the tree firmly disagrees with felling,Contacted residents in that area,Do not move as a threat,Hope the government will change its original intention,Detour for the tree。Our mayor did not know this in advance,Later, after receiving a letter from this household to the mayor,He rushed to the scene,Called an expert,Identify ancient trees,I invited a garden engineer,Seek protection measures for old trees。Call for traffic、Leaders of planning departments,On-site office,Finally came up with a solution,Decided to make way for the old tree。This section of the road and the buildings on both sides must be re-planned and designed,Because of this tree,Will increase the investment by more than 1 million。The project cost of this road has long been budgeted,It was discussed and deliberated by the representatives of the National People’s Congress,Where’s the money?Only use his mayor’s reserve funds。You want,Our place,Annual fiscal revenue is more than 200 million,In this lesson the big tree ran out of his money,There are still half a year。So the residents nearby are very moved,Say,I have never met such a benevolent mayor,I have always built roads in the mountains,Meet and bridge,This time the road can give way to a tree,He respects public opinion、Respect nature、Respect environmental performance。The son of this family is the blender of the city winery,Deeply inspired by this,Name the liquor being brewed as mayor liquor,Fan tree wine,The characteristics of this liquor are rich、Supple、mellow、Luscious,Long aftertaste。It is said that,This is the most successful time in his career。The manufacturer believes that this kind of wine can be used for official drinking,Has great commercial value,Customize packaging immediately,Ready for mass production。Later when our mayor found out,Order to change name。but,Part of the packaging has been printed,Can’t waste it,After packing more than 500 pieces,,All collected by people。After hearing the news, I went to the winery and approved a few。”
“Yes,It’s a pity that our mayor won’t let him report on himself。If reported,Can report such a thing,In the future that tree can also be used as an ambassador,But he must not highlight his personal touch,And as a discipline, I emphasized it to the leaders of TV stations and newspapers。right now,The shops near that tree are all pre-sold,And the price is significantly higher than other locations。More savvy people ran to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau in advance to register the name of the shop,Old tree、Old locust tree、Sail tree。But it is said‘Sail tree’Registration is not allowed。”
“Ha ha,Yes。”
“I should be 36 or 7 years old this year?”Wen Qingxuan said to Ding Yi。