Xie Yun nodded,“Video。unfortunately,Xie Tianbai was not fooled,Nothing said。but,People around him,Have been photographed,Just can do personal face recognition。”

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Baby Ou don’t understand,Why do this。
Xie Yunchu pulled another plate of cakes,Divide the baby in half。not in a good mood,Just eat something sweet。
Chapter six hundred and fifty four Treasure
While eating,Xie Yun was talking to Baby Ou,“What you said with Xie Tianbai,The secretary is connected to me,I heard。You also heard about Yuanfan Painting Club after a long time,Then,You didn’t find anything wrong?”
This must be found,Baby Ou nodded,“That painting agency is weird,So many big guys,Why are you willing to share resources?I’m not talking about discrimination against the art circle,but,Very simple reason,What’s in the vegetable plot,Even if I can’t eat it myself,You can also sell it for money。If you exchange it,Not bad,But so coincidental,You can exchange it for what you like?This truth,Very simple。”
Xie Tianbai that painting agency,The weird place is here。A noble man,Very simple。Two noble,Not difficult。All three want to be noble,This is a little difficult。The cartoon has been played clearly,A monk carries water to drink,Two monks carry water to drink,Three monks have no water to drink。Human nature is like this,Sometimes the bad thing is not the person itself,But the things that people need to do,It breaks your heart easily。
The three of them have no water to drink,That group of people,How can I make a sea??
I don’t think so。
“Such a weird place,Many people in the circle have noticed。But even if someone wants to find the flaw,Whether for justice or benefit,But never succeeded。It’s like Xie Tianbai will be an unknown prophet,All escaped,Unscathed。I can find evidence of their stealing,But couldn’t find a clue to the painting agency。”Xie Yunchu is also very troubled,“Ordinarily let them take away the painting agency,Can be regarded as blind,the best choice.”
but,“Conscience hurts occasionally.”
Baby Ou wants to say,Your conscience pain is not so low, right,But to tear down the fiancé,Seems a bit too naughty,She thought about it,“This situation,Outsiders can’t find flaws,You can’t find a clue,Then,The problem is probably within your family。It’s dark under the light。You must have overlooked something.”
anyway,“This situation is similar to control,Talk about fantasy,Hypnosis or something,Say darker,Is there any handle or hostage?。More ordinary,Maybe this group of people,Another picture.Only greater benefit,So that people are willing to sacrifice smaller interests,In exchange for greater gains。”
but,Ou Baobao helps Xie Yunchu analyze,“The former is not very reliable,But it’s not impossible,But people who can hypnotize at home and abroad,All have special registration,You will be registered for review wherever you go,Impossible without a trace。The latter,Involved,Much content,Want to be without a trace,The only possibility,Just got a lot of cover and cooperation,otherwise,Impossible。Now this big data era,Wherever I go,There must be traces。”