Too frequent consumption of fans’ enthusiasm,Never a good thing。

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Alumni and Jay Chou from previous lives,Isn’t it just two years for a city??How many people in China have concerts like them,Every game requires good luck to grab、Otherwise you can only buy yellow.Awesome?
They are preparing for next year,Just do some small commercial performances,Can advertise。
When it’s a bit more popular,,You can hold a concert the next year。
If the popularity is slowly declining,Then just rely on the various business incomes in the past two years,It’s also a huge sum of money。
Follow the rules,8000Wan is from the Returning Band5I share with Shen Huan,What everyone got1300Ten thousand,Extra200Wan is used for public expenses。
But the return of the band is more than that。
《Return》The checkout of this record so far also has1200Ten thousand,Everyone can get it200Ten thousand。
Just two huge sums of money,Enough to let the brothers of Shuiqingshan worry about food and clothing,It also makes him feel very happy,So I ate and drank during the Spring Festival,It’s a celebration。
Shen Huan must be with the Shui family during the Spring Festival。
Last year。
New Year’s Eve,Shen Huan chatted with Shui Qianyu,Two small dumplings on one side,Suddenly a reminder sound came from my ear。
“Ding Dong!”
“Meng Zijing has escaped poverty,Be confident and beautiful again。”
“The host successfully completed the task,The system rewards the method of cosmetology holy product lunar balm。”
“Yingyue Ointment is made of18Women’s favorite beauty products made of various medicinal materials,Apply on the skin,Not only can eliminate various facial sores、Macula、Wrinkled skin……Wait for skin problems,It can really improve the skin from the root,Make skin smooth and elastic……”
Shen Huan:“!?”