Director Xun pointed at Xu Qian and said angrily,“How dare to be so presumptuous in the General Hospital of our military region!”

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“Company commander,Let’s go,That is their dean!”
Upon seeing this, Sun Haibo hurriedly grabbed Xu Qian,Reminded in a low voice。
To know,The Dean of the Military Region’s General Hospital is a major general.,What they can provoke these little sergeants。
“The people in the general hospital of their military area can’t scold people, right??”
Xu Qian followed Sun Haibo out,Said angrily,“Mr. Mo clearly said this,He is the deputy dean here!”
Dean Ji and Zhao Zhongji couldn’t help but change their faces when they heard this.,Zhao Zhong yelled at Xu Qian anxiously:“and many more,What did you say?Mr. Mo!”
“Not bad,Zhao Yuan,These two guys are so good at making up,Why did the vice president of our hospital ask them to come here?,Are you talking nonsense?!”
Didn’t wait for Xu Qian to speak,Director Xun immediately came over and explained to Zhao Zhong,“I scolded them for whatever I wanted!”
“You shut up!”
Zhao Zhongpo grumbled at Director Xun with a little irritation,Then walked quickly to Xu Qian,Asked hurriedly,“This comrade,Mr. Mo you just mentioned,But Mr. Mo Xiaosheng from Moxin Medical Center?”
Xu Qian and Sun Haibo looked bright when they heard Zhao Zhong’s words.,Hurriedly nodded:“Yes indeed,This is Mr. Mo,Mr. Mo said he is the vice president of your hospital,That’s why we came!”
“Correct,Correct,Mr. Mo is indeed the vice president of our hospital,Head of Chinese Medicine Department!”
Zhao Zhong hurriedly nodded at Xu Qian。