“it is good,I can die,But what about Ah Yin?What did you do to her?”Tang Hao shouted at Zhao Ming with exhaustion,Spouts of blood while talking。

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“A silver?Sorry,Her name is Zhier,Is my maid。”Zhao Ming said playfully,“correct,It’s personal。”
“you,you,I’m going to kill you。”Tang Hao sat up from the bed,Scared Zhao Ming,But Tang Hao’s attack was too slow in Zhao Ming’s eyes。The medicine A Yin gave him is called Sanhunsan,Zhao Ming found it from Hu Liena’s ring。It can dissipate the spirit power of the strong for at least an hour。
Originally, this kind of drug was against a strong man like Tang Hao,It can’t have much effect。But today Tang Hao is really wasting too much,Self-disabled,Cause severe damage to the meridians。And Sanhunsan continuously penetrates through Tang Hao’s damaged meridians,Lost all of his spirit power。
“Haotian Douluo,You go with peace of mind。A Yin, I will take care of you。correct,I remember you still have a twin son of martial arts, right?。I will let him come with you soon。”Zhao Ming said lightly。The right hand is attached to Tang Hao’s head,Slapped it down。However, Title Douluo’s physical fitness was a bit beyond his expectations。
After Zhao Ming split twice,I still called A Yin over,To really kill Tang Hao。
Chapter Forty Two Tang San is gone?
It ended up with Tang Hao,Zhao Ming breathed a sigh of relief。Tang Hao is so talented,Powerful people have nothing to say。Without too many plug-ins,Even when three soul bones were lost,Still developed。
In Douluo Continent,The only person Zhao Ming sees right is this person。
As a native,Without plug-in,Demonstrates the talent comparable to the traverser。It can be said,Even without Tang San,He is also capable of becoming a god。Besides,Tang Hao is very innocent,Almost no scandal,After Ah Yin died, although he was drunk all day long, he still regarded Zhao Ming as a good husband.。Although Zhao Ming can’t do this,But it does not prevent him from admiring these people。
If not destined to become an enemy,Zhao Ming might really not do anything to Tang Hao。
Pity,Really a sad character。
Zhao Ming shook his head,Slowly close Tang Hao’s wide-open eyes。
“Zhier,Go get his spirit bones off。”Zhao Ming ordered。
Watching Ah Yin peeling his soul bone from Tang Hao neatly,Zhao Mingxindao,Since then,There is no more silver in the mainland,Only the maid takes care of the child。
While Ah Yin peeled off his soul bone,Zhao Ming is also groping on Tang Hao。Found a black ring on his chest,There is still a faint flash of light on it,This is obviously a storage soul guide。
Slowly inject soul power into this ring,The space inside is also presented in front of Zhao Ming。This storage soul guide has an area of about fifty square meters。Compared to the huge area,There are very few things inside。Zhao Ming found some Tang Hao’s personal clothes and a token of Clear Sky School。
This token is black throughout,Gilt inlaid patterns on both sides。Should be made of good cold iron,Zhao Ming can still feel a hint of cold when he touches it。Tang Hao’s name is engraved on the front of the token,On the back is the pattern of Clear Sky Hammer。
This should be Tang Hao’s token in Haotianzong。It seems that the Clear Sky School was forced to expel Tang Hao from the sect even by the Spirit Hall.,Still did not remove Tang Hao from Haotianzong。