of course,Empress Nuwa also has its flaws,After all, she has never commanded a big power,Not good at war。

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but,Fight against Chaos,The experience of the Pangu world leading the strength to fight each other may not be applicable。
“Sui Renshi and I、Samcheong、Three Taoist friends from Zhulong joined forces,First go to explore the chaotic alien race。”
“Tathagata,Golden Crow,Fuxi,Xiaoyao Tianzun,You gather the true gods and ancestors and those gods and true immortals,Rehearsal!”
Empress Nuwa pondered,Make a decision。
Sui Renshi,Good at close combat,Once defeated Zhu Rong。
The four swords of Zhuxian from the Sanqing Taoist attack are terrible and faintly ranked first in the world of Pangu。
Zhulong Li Ming is good at space together,Escape is still above Bodhi,Is the back road。
Plus the strongest Nuwa herself,Have confidence to save his life in Na Luohu。
If the four of them are all easily killed or caught by Luo Hu,There is no need to struggle in Pangu World。
Chapter Seventeen First battle
In the chaos outside the world of Pangu,total darkness。
Unexpected,A firelight appeared,This flame is so warm,But with the determination to burn everything。