Digging treasure “Guzao” script quietly became popular, after 90s contributed over 40% of the viewing time

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Recently, digging treasure “Guzao” scripts and asking community users to “rejoice Amway” to find resonance, is making more and more young people enjoy it.On May 7, Guduo, a film and television data analysis platform, released the industry report “New Indications for the Operational Capability of the Episode Nagao Video Platform”.The report sets the target of the study on episodes broadcast before the end of 2017.The data shows that in the classic ancient early drama of TOP30 scored by Douban, Youku took 17 of them.The increasing volume of barrage is also one of the values of the long tail of the ancient early drama.According to the number of new dramas added by the TOP30 domestic dramas with scores of TOP30 from January to February 2020, dramas such as “Zhen Huan Biography”, “Weird Smile” and “Langya List” rank among the top three.According to the report data, during the broadcast of “Country Love 12”, Youku launched the “Country Love” series, “Liu Laogen” series and “Ma Daishuai” series, establishing the most comprehensive “Northeast comedy film library” in China.During this period, the average flow rate of the “country love” series increased by more than 200%, and the flow rate of “country love 11” increased by more than 300 times, and the long tail effect was significant.It is reported that Youku has successively restored more than 2,000 movies and TV series since 2017, including classic national dramas and films such as “Journey to the West”, “Returning to the Pearl” and “Soldier Assault”.The data shows that the post-90s became the main group to watch high-definition classics, contributing 42.7% of viewing time.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Sun Yong proofreading Liu Baoqing

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