Chinese fan Lei Zi Liu Lei was named the official best fan by the AFC (picture)

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Chinese fan “Lei Zi” Liu Lei was named the official best fan by the AFC (picture)
As many teams as there are fans.The 2015 Asian Cup is destined to be a highlight moment for the national football team, but also a wonderful moment for Chinese fans.After the battle between China and Ukraine on the 14th, Leizi, a fan from Baotou, Inner Mongolia, was rated as the official best fan by the AFC. This is the first time in the history of Chinese football.Chinese fan Leizi was rated as the best fan in the AFC by the AFC. Many foreigners say that the Chinese are of poor quality.In some respects, we have done too badly. From fighting on the plane and splashing water, to justifying and staving off the queue, and then spitting and littering, the Chinese are facing an unprecedented quality crisis.But there is still such a group, they silently spread the positive energy of the Chinese people, showing the style of this state of etiquette.  After the Sino-Ukrainian war, Chinese fans took the initiative to stay away and take away the garbage from the stands, so that the AFC officials on the sidelines were also moved.One of the fan organizers left a deep impression on them. He not only led the fans to cheer during the game, but also organized the fans to clean the battlefield after the game.He is Leizi, a national football fan from Baotou, Inner Mongolia. His real name is Liu Lei, and he is also the vice president of the newly established Chinese Dragon Team Fan Club.In the past few years of the national football’s lowest fandom, he has always been loyal to the national football team and has a high reputation among the fans.  After the game, the AFC awarded Liu Lei the prize for the best fan-an Asian Cup game ball, and conducted a short interview with him. Liu Lei also expressed his heartfelt wishes that the Chinese team won the Asian Cup.(Liu Feng from Brisbane)

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