He retracted his hand,Didn’t try to hold that young man,He forced himself to be calm,Don’t be gaffe,Thinking like this,Turned around and sat on a chair against the wall a little farther away,Try to calm yourself down。Miss him Peng Changyi,It’s the first time to accept organizational review,Since he entered this special workplace,Sitting across from him,Either the superior or the leader of the organization department,I have never faced the leaders of the Commission for Discipline Inspection。

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Thought of here,He bit his lip secretly,Until the bite hurts,I even felt bloody,He just let go,He kept himself calm in this way!
Bao Zhigang glanced at him,Looked at Director Bai again,Said:“Director Bai,such,I avoid,You carry on。”
Director Bai nodded to Bao Zhigang。
Bao Zhigang called in the secretary,Let the secretary fill them with water,He went out,And lock the door。
See this scene,Peng Changyi’s heart suddenly felt relaxed,because,The Commission for Discipline Inspection finds cadres to talk,Usually in a hotel or a more secret place,Rarely done in the unit’s office,This also shows,He Peng Changyi“error”,Far from going in secret,If it is a serious problem,Took his secret away from the local area,Or double regulation。Presumably his problem is not a big deal。
From this detail,The signal sent is enough to make Peng Changyi feel at ease。
Thought of here,Peng Changyi simply leaned against the back of the chair,Close your eyes,Not say a word,But waiting for them to ask。
Director Bai knows that Peng Changyi is emotional,But he doesn’t care about it,Puffed at his assistant,Motion him to ask。
The assistant coughed,Looking at Peng Changyi sitting by the wall on the right,Asked:“Name?”
Peng Changyi’s eyelids moved,He did not open,Still silent。
“I’m asking you something?”
The assistant raised his voice,Stern voice。
Peng Changyi opened his eyes now,He looked around,Said deliberately:“Are you asking me?”
The assistant glanced at Director Bai,Director Bai bowed his head and opened the notebook,Did not speak。
The assistant looked at Peng Changyi directly,Sternly:“Don’t ask who you ask?Is there any other third party in this room??Please correct your attitude,Answer my question honestly!”
First138chapter Facing the comrades’ questioning
The assistant looked directly at Peng Changyi,Sternly:“Don’t ask who you ask?Is there any other third party in this room??Please correct your attitude,Answer my question honestly!”