Just when my father was interested in the baby chair,Guan Hao became interested in video tapes,He is holding the video tape handed over by his cousin,If you get the treasure。

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Never missed my dad but said:“Xiaohao,Want to discuss something with you。”
Guan Hao looked at Dad,I found my father’s eyes fixed on a packet of video tapes in his hands。
really,Dad said:“Put the video tape here first,You have no time to watch these few days,I’ll give it to you when you are busy。”
Guan Hao hesitated,He looked at the video tape in his hand,Look at the longing eyes of dad,He knew that Dad wanted to watch,Just think about it:“Ok,Then you look。”
Guan Zhengfang also went back to the study with the video tape like a treasure。
Yang Xue considered that Li Wei and his daughter lived there these days,She worried that Xia Jihan was tired from cooking,Let Sister Fang go to Guan Hao’s apartment to help,And promised to add money to Sister Fang,Specially asked Mrs. Fang,Don’t let her daughter-in-law cook and wash clothes,Sister Fang nodded and agreed。
The baby hasn’t left his uncle for two days,Li Wei wanted to go to the office to check work and he refused to leave,He hugged his uncle’s neck and said:“Uncle won’t go anywhere,Play with baby at home。”
Li Wei smiled,Said:“Uncle goes to work,It turns out that the baby always let his uncle go to work。”
Baby said:“This is beijing,Uncle doesn’t have to go to work。”
Xia Jihan said:“Uncle also has a company in Beijing,Also have to work,The baby should let uncle go to work。”
Baby think about it:“Uncle won’t go back to Fuzhou,Just work in Beijing。”
Li Wei smiled,Said:“Your little brains are turning so fast,What about sister??”
“Sister won’t return,I told grandpa,Let my sister go to school in Beijing,Take aunt。”The baby is making arrangements one by one。
“Ha ha。”Li Wei smiled,Said:“What about my company??”
“Moved to uncle’s company。”The baby continues to make arrangements。