“can,completely fine!”

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The commander agreed immediately,In fact, what he thinks is that in the future, he will rely on these overseas special forces to help him destroy the rebels.,Without a guide familiar with the geographical environment is definitely not enough……
Moreover,Even if you don’t get their help,Can save those special forces sooner,These overseas special forces can also leave earlier!
“Thank you so much!”
Yanzi didn’t expect her request to be so smoothly accepted and accepted,This really made her overjoyed!
“You two,come。”
The commander pointed to the two entourages beside him,The two people hurriedly walked to the general’s,Waiting respectfully for his order。
“The two are my staff’s staff,Know everything about our country,I will leave both of them for you。”
The commander said generously。
“Ok,Thank you so much。”
Yanzi hurriedly stood up and greeted the general with a smile,Shen Ruoxue also hurriedly stood up,Gave the commander a sweet smile……
“You two listen up,Help them with all your heart,Did you hear me?”
The commander commanded the two staff officers。