If you add the five million years of ancient phoenix torso。

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Then he is really going against the sky。
he,Zhao Ming,Invincible in the world。
“Congratulations, Lord,Acquire Xeon Spirit Ability。”
“Congratulations, Lord。”
The beasts said one after another,With respect in his eyes。
What they just saw clearly,Spirit Ability Obtained by the Lord,Obviously, they are the two strongest inherited spirit abilities of the Dark Claw Bear clan。This kind of soul ability will bloom with dazzling glory in the hands of the master。
“What a strong soul ability?But it’s not bad。At least it works well。”Zhao Ming smiled,Lightly。
Looking at Zhao Ming’s casual look,They are more respectful,Look full of awe。
Dark Golden Terrier Claw Bear’s Inheritance Spirit Ability,Even in the eyes of Ditian,Are also powerful soul skills,But this kind of soul ability is nothing in Zhao Ming’s eyes。
This is the gap。
Their vision is still too far from the master。