Ming Cheng gently shook his head,A trace of loss and worry also flashes on the cold face。

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Qiao Yiyi trembled suddenly when she heard this,Hurriedly asked,“Is the signal bad?,Didn’t get through,you,You didn’t call it a few times?”
“beated,I played it several times!”
Ming Cheng frowned and said coldly,“But I can’t get through,And I didn’t reply!”
Qiao Yiyi felt soft when she heard this,One staggered backwards,Fortunately, she grabbed the doorknob at the back,So I didn’t fall to the ground,Looking pale and trembling outside the corridor,“It should be a bad signal,It should be a bad signal,He did not receive……”
In fact, Qiao Yiyi is deceiving herself and others,The mountain area where Mo Xiaosheng lives is really bad,But it’s not so bad that you can’t even get through,To the point where I can’t send text messages!
And from yesterday afternoon to now,It’s been twenty or thirty hours,No matter how you call,How to text,Mo Xiaosheng didn’t reply at all,As if the world has evaporated!
And the morning before yesterday afternoon,Mo Xiaosheng even called her!
So Qiao Yiyi couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear,Guess that Mo Xiaosheng might be infected with the virus,Either something happened!
Thought of here,Her eyes are turning black,The feeling of grief almost knocked her down,But reason told her,She must insist,She must take care of Luo Yilin,Must wait until Mo Xiaosheng comes back!
“Doctor Joe,Are you OK?”
When Zhao Zhong saw this, he hurried over and helped Qiao Yiyi.,Softly comforted,“You also know the abilities of Doctor Mo,By his ability,It will be fine,Do not you worry!”
Qiao Yiyi pursed her lips,Nodded vigorously,Whisper,“Dean Zhao,Thank you!”
When Zhao Zhong was arguing with these experts,She also vaguely heard a few words in the ward,I know it’s because of Zhao Zhong’s persistence,Luo Yilin can be left,So I am very grateful to Zhao Zhong!
“You’re welcome!”
Zhao Zhong sighed softly,Sighed,“I owe Dr. Mo so much favor,This little thing,What’s the matter?!”
“Who of you is the leader?”
Suddenly a deep shout came from the corridor,Then came a burst of hard leather shoes treading the ground“Da da”sound。
Zhao Zhong and Qiao Yi look up together,I saw a group of people in uniforms walking at the end of the corridor,The ones on the left are easy to identify,Wearing a police uniform,And the uniforms on the right,Then bring“epidemic prevention”The words。
“I am the deputy dean of this!”