Send a message to the section chief and leave,Although the section chief hasn’t returned me any information。who cares,I am really angry,Anxious,I quit。

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There are so many things every day,This and that for a while。Really is,If it weren’t for my good temper now,I want to scold the street,Really,I feel like this every day since I started。
Tired every day。I want to cook noodles at night,Wash clothes,Watch tv。Don’t want to cook anymore,Just eat some for dinner。
Want to eat meat,I think I’ll eat it in two days。To hold back。
Feel my hair,Really bald。It’s the end of the month,Poor in the shop20Million sales,I’m talking there every morning in meetings,The indicators are assigned to everyone’s head,I really feel so stressed every day,I can’t sleep well every day,Can’t eat well。
Really going crazy。the most important is,I feel terrified every day after get off work,I don’t know if I should get off work,Can you get off work。
The other sisters in the shop are saying you can go,You are not an employee,Don’t worry about others,Hey,I want it too,But every day in the meeting, he blames Sang Huai,I really am,Heart is tired。
It’s always raining in the city recently,Rainy。Thinking about the city where I was in the last two years,Can’t rain a year。
Just brushed the circle of friends,There was a sandstorm in that city today,Think of the city where I am now,Ok,I would rather rain than。
I’m bored today,Redeemed three fencing lessons。Actually I never learned fencing,I haven’t followed it before。
Except for occasional TV matches with fencing, they will stay for a few minutes,Then I didn’t understand and I changed the channel。
But I really feel stressed recently,Going to the store every day is the indicator,Was already bald,Now more,I can’t sleep well at night。