The man with thick eyebrows immediately bowed and smiled to please,He gave Li Zhen a thumbs up,“Brother is really good,I have to ask you to go to our bureau to help us guide and guide the criminal police。”

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“Easy to say!”Li Zhen sneered and squeezed his fists,Secretly admire this man with thick eyebrows for really meeting the windshield。
Mo Xiaosheng saw that the man with thick eyebrows took the initiative,I didn’t say much,After all, multiple friends are more cost-effective than multiple enemies。
Lu Jing glanced at the man with thick eyebrows coldly,Cold voice:“You help us take these people back to the quarters,I can think about not caring about you。”
“it is good,Thank you Director Lu,Thank you Director Lu!”
The man with thick eyebrows was like a pardon when he heard this,Hurriedly nodded and agreed,The special police officer ordered:“Brothers have heard,Don’t hurry up and catch a few of them。”
A group of special police immediately rushed to handcuff the red nose and the others,Escorted to the car。
But when they want to catch Wanwei,Wanwei stood up suddenly,Frantically resisted,Roared:“You fucking get off Laozi!I didn’t break the law!It’s Mo Xiaosheng,The person you want to arrest is Mo Xiaosheng!”
obviously,Wanwei after repeated blows,I’ve broken down a bit。
If you change to someone else,Maybe you can’t hold it long ago,Trying to plan Mo Xiaosheng again and again,As a result, I shot myself in the foot again and again,Smashed Qian Zhitang’s reputation,Smashed his son’s half life in,right now,Even his future second master,Also smashed in!
He can’t figure it out,Can’t figure it out,What the fuck is this Mo Xiaosheng?!Why is it so magical?It took only two months to come to Beijing,It turned out that the second branch of the Wan family, one of the two great families in the capital, entered a situation where it was impossible to recover.!
SWAT members are not used to his problems,Dash up,Hold the gun in both hands and swipe,One**Hit his face。
Wanwei fell to the ground,Suddenly broke the blood,Then two SWAT members handcuffed him,Put it up and drag it into the car。
“Mo Xiaosheng!I killed you!kill you!you he mom What kind of thing!”
Wanwei is almost crazy,Turning his head and turning around to curse Mo Xiaosheng,The blood almost covered the entire face,Looks terrifying and hideous。
“The!Do not live!”