“They don’t accept。I think you are good.,Just getting working, I must have a good patient.。”He replied me。

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Even though I wanted to pay for my heart.,But I still don’t agree.,Because I first came out at that time.,inexperienced,No bottom。
I am ruthlessly refused.,He left disappointed。I didn’t dare to see him at that moment.,I think I am sorry.。
A few days later,I heard the brothers talk about a patient.,I learned from their mouth to the family a few days ago.,Requires in our department to continue hospitalization,Patients and families are in the clinic,But no one wants to collect、I don’t dare to receive。
At that time, I was a head.,I really should have a word.——Just participated in work,Didn’t eat a loss,bold。
I found the director to tell him.:“director,I want to collect the patient who burn。”
Director looked at me,Hesitated for a long time,“Check it out,Can this patient can’t live with you?。”
At that time, my head was big.,So big pressure gave me,I am afraid of me.
Then think,Director let me receive,He will also be in mind,Exactly is a good learning opportunity,I step forward to the clinic.。
Once again, I saw the family.,He kept licking in the ground.。
“How come back again??”I am fake asking him。
He looked up and looked at me.:”Um,There is really no way.,I can’t afford it.,Come back, don’t charge us for hospitalization,I am going to find a nursing home to send my dad.,Can you live a few days?。“Bring a few blame and grudge in tone。
”Who said no collection,Don’t I come here??“I was so proud when I said this sentence.。
He stood up,I am full of gratitude in my eyes.,I saw that there is tears in his eyes.。
At that time, I felt that my decision was how great.,But when I saw the patient brought by this family,But I didn’t expect it.,This is the patient’s whole“Torture”I have three months.
Patient is a50Multi-year old man,When I saw him first,He is lying on a van who is demolished seats.,A quilt is matched,The body is wrapped like a miley。
He is a dumb,Seeing me after my mouth“what、what”the sound of,Two eyes lost me,Work hard to sit up,The whole body is wrapped in thick gauze,Exudate,Stinks
The patient’s son has completed the hospital.,We pushed the old man with the hospital’s flat car to the hospital building.。
At that time, hospital surgery hospitalized patients were not a lot.,Thirty-three beds live half of patients,I let the nurse arrange an air hospital to give him a separate stay.。
“This patient is your acquaintance?”Nurses look at me,Then ask:“Why do you give him an aerial ward and a patient that cannot be collected?”
“Patients I don’t know,He is very serious,Need separate isolated,I am afraid of cross infection。One more thing,I estimate that no one is willing to be with him a ward。”I am smiling at me.。
The nurse looked at what I didn’t say.,Measuring the patient’s vital signs。Soon she came back.,Anger,I went to the treatment room of the nurse.:“are you crazy,You also dare to receive this kind of patient,I almost smells it.,This patient burned too much.,I go to work20For many years, we have never received such a heavy burn patient.,What can you show?”
She is still complaining,I know she is for me.,I am afraid that I am responsible.。I didn’t say anything to the treatment room.。
I called the patient’s son to the medical office.,I am very clear that I have two people in the house.,I haven’t waited for me.,He will first open the first.:“Doctor, I thank you for taking my father.,Although you are young but I believe you,I don’t want my dad to cure.,But I don’t want him to be too painful.。My dad is a deaf man,I have never seen my mother.,I dad pulled me one hand.。This accident is a month ago,The sheep in the house is fired.,My dad pain,These sheep are the main source of income at home.,He rushed into the sheep,Later, I was lifted by the neighbor.,Heavy burns,Then we were sent to a hospital in the city for burns,A month spent30More than 10,000,Hua lights all the money at home,I have borrowed it with my relatives and friends.,It’s really no way now.,Doctor says it still needs20Wan continues to treat and rejoithm,But I don’t dare to guarantee the effect.。”
I listened to his story.,Looking at his flourish eyes。
“My family is poor,Rely on my usual working and raise the sheep to maintain life,This suddenly took me completely.,I can’t live.,I know that our hospital is reimbursed.,Our expenses are much lower than the city.。”
I just want to talk,He then said:“fine,I have no great hope.,I know that my dad may not go.,It is born to death. I recognize it.,Don’t blame you。”
Say,He cried,Zhang’s mouth keeps swallowing:“I really don’t want to watch my father, I will go home.,If he hurts you, give it a needle.,Let him take the same pain”
I remember,I cried at that time.
Then,I started to change the patient,The wrapped gauze has a large amount of exudation。
”I didn’t change my medicine when I was discharged.?“I asked the patient son。
”too expensive,Can’t live。“He whispered。
First change,I actually used it.4Hours,full4Hours。
One floor reveals gauze,Exudate,Wound surface has adhesion。I carefully use the salt water by the salt water.,I am afraid that the patient is hurting.,fear me
NS241chapter The department is discourting me.
Two days later,I regret it for my decision.。Patient does not match my treatment,The eyes will be a blamed,In the mouth“what、what”The voice is getting bigger and bigger。And fatal things happen,He began to fever,High fever。He is lying in bed.,It feels so screaming,Son can’t bear to see it,Low head silent tears。
I panic,Calling Director and My Teacher。
Grasted all the doctors in our department in the pharmacy,Open gauze a lot of yellow pus,Necrosis of the skin,Clear3Hours,During the period, some doctors left silently.,Finally only I have me、My teacher and director。
Fever caused by infection after burns is fatal,This represents the emergence of infection with the patient.,If you can’t control,Patients will die due to infectious shock。