“China,Kunlun,Xue Dongwei!”

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“Haha,good,Come with me。”
Leicester’s step forward,Gone,Jumping directly from the window,At the same time one hand,Faintly。
Xue Dongwei reported a cold,The same is over, out of the window.,Then, like a monkey climbed up.。
“Walk away,Look at your stay。”
The hall is suddenly,Many people stand up to see the lively。
But they are not going to windows,Instead, they have walked outside the lobby.,Continuously passing a not long corridor,Up to the roof。
When they go to the rooftop,Xue Dongwei and Leicester have stress together.。
And surprisingly,In this short time,Xue Dongwei’s clothes were torn a few。
“Wind dance nine days!”
Lester is lightly drinking,Dead。
As the arms are dancing,Suddenly appearing in a ravage。
Not close to Xue Dongwei,Just let the clothes and hair of him are crazy。
not only that。
This wind is transformed in the way.,It turned out to make a white transparent bird,With the wings flash,A fine wind blade is shot out。
“This is the terrible thing after the abilities advanced.,Wenenergy is more than double,More flexible。”
Confused Xue Dongwei,Face is equally dignified,But not panic。
“Flying sky。”
He is in his hand, like a white practice.,The whole eighteen knife is torn,Interlace,Form a shocking knife。
Both collided with rumble。
Xue Dongwei’s knife is more than crushing the wind blade,The remainder is still rushing to Leicester。
“Wind wall!”
A white wind wall appears in front of Leicester,With a sound,The knife sheltered in the ejection collapsed。
The wind wall is slamming,The wind blade of the densely numbness is like the arrow, and it is generally attacked to Xue Dongwei.,Forced him to retreat quickly。
But still slow,His shoulders and arms,Still left a few blood marks。
“Haha……”“The so-called ancient Wu is also so。”
The companion next to Leicester is unscrupulous.,Note is an oriental hole that scans around around,Contemporary in the eyes is not hidden。
“Fight again!”
Xue Dongwei,Big step forward。
“just forget it。”
Leicester shakes his head,Also extended a finger gently shake,“You can not,If you don’t have extraordinary strength,I kill you like a confusing,If you are from Huaxia Kunlun,I won’t leave it just now.。”
Although it is plain,But this kind of posture is more angry。