Beijing holds 28 international competitions for the first time, with 5,706 registered referees

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The site of the Beijing Sports Competition Management Work Conference.Figure / Beijing Sports Bureau Beijing News December 19-20, the 2019 annual Beijing Sports Competition Management Working Conference took place in BeijingThe key work will be deployed in 2020.According to incomplete statistics, Beijing has initially aggregated a total of 474 sports events, including 28 large-scale international sports events (7 categories A, 9 categories B, 3 categories C, and 9 international categories).The 2019 Basketball World Cup ended successfully on September 15th, achieving the goal of “wonderful and outstanding”.Beijing International Long-distance Running Festival-Beijing Half Marathon, Beijing Marathon, China Tennis Open and other international events have been successfully held successively, and received unanimous praise from all walks of life, effectively contributing to the construction of the Capital International Communication Center.On September 15th, the final of the Men’s Basketball World Cup was in ancient Beijing, and the Spanish team won the championship.Picture / Vision China is the highest, Beijing has also successfully hosted the International Snow Federation Cross Country Ski Championships, the International Ice Federation Women ‘s Ice Hockey World Championship Class A Group B competition, the World Cup United Curling World Cup Finals, the International Snow Federation China Beijing Pulley World Cup,Many top international ice and snow events such as the FIS Snowboard and the Freestyle Ski Jump World Cup.At the same time, it actively undertakes domestic and municipal ice and snow events, including the National Ice Hockey Championship, Beijing Championship Winter Games, Beijing Youth U Series Ski Championships, etc.Through various competitions, the public, especially young people, have been further stimulated to participate in snow sports.In terms of strengthening the referee management infrastructure, with the strengthening of competition management as the starting point, it strives to achieve the healthy development of the referee team, highlight the focus of ice and snow projects, and coordinate the layout of referee projects.A total of 32 training courses for legal officials were preliminarily presided over, including 5 for winter projects, and the total number of promotions for each year was about 500.There are a total of 5,706 registered referees in the city, involving 62 projects.Among them, there are 138 people at the international level, 673 people at the national level, 2595 people at the first level, 1313 people at the second level, and 987 people at the third level.The overall age of the referee team is younger and the overall quality is higher, which is basically compatible with the positioning of Beijing as an international sports center city.Looking forward to 2020, Beijing’s sports competition management will continue to use key standards to carry out key tasks to help Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games preparations and accelerate the implementation of ice and snow events development planning.

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