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self, wearily putting her hand to her brow,鈥?What did he mean?”
Carice Bergan was gifted with instincts singularly quick and 鏉窞姘寸枟浼氭墍398鑳藉共鍢?delicate. She had not long breathed the same atmosphere with Astra and Doctor Remy before she felt it growing heavy around her with some intensity of emotion which she neither shared nor understood. It might be sympathy, it might be aversion; in either case, its effect was to 鏉窞瓒虫荡杩囧 make her feel confused and constrained, in their presence. At one moment, she seemed to behold them afar off, as it were, in a sphere of their own, whither she had neither the right nor the ability to follow them; at another, she felt herself standing between them, barring their way to a free and 鏉窞妗戞嬁鍝ソ satisfactory interchange of thought and feeling; and again, she believed that Doctor Remy alone was responsible for her discomfort, interrupting, by his presence, the cordial flow of sympathy between Astra and herself. At any rate, it would be a relief to escape from 鏉窞涓嶆瑙勬寜鎽?so oppressive an atmosphere; accordingly, she took her departure, leaving the lovers鈥攊f such they can be called鈥攖ogether.

Certainly, there was nothing lover-like in the manner with which they faced each other, a few moments after the door had closed behind her. That brief interval had been spent by both in preparation for the crisis which the one knew, and the other felt, to be approaching. Astra awaited it with a mixture of eagerness and dread; she was weary of wearing the checkered tissue of suspense and anxiety; she would be glad to know exactly what was in 鏉窞spa浼戦棽鎸夋懇浼氭墍 store for her, even though the bitter fruit of such knowledge should be mortification and anguish. Doctor Remy’s face was set and hard; over it a sombre emotion, like the gray shadow of a cloud on a rock, now and then passed swiftly, taking nothing from its sternness, but 鏉窞娲楁荡閰掑簵 adding much to its gloom. He looked like a man who, at no slight cost to himself, has braced his soul with iron for the performance of some heavy, but necessary, task. Little as he likes it, he will carry it out pitilessly to the end.

With an inauspicious frown on his brow鈥攏one the less dark because it must have been assumed鈥攈e now opened the conversation by saying, abruptly;鈥?

“Astra, I have heard some very strange rumors, of late.”

“Indeed!” she returned, with a note of disappointment, as well as of surprise, in her voice. This was but a roundabout road to 鏉窞瓒虫荡璁哄潧 explanation, she thought; it would have pleased her better had the doctor chosen a more direct one. She looked round for a chair, and sat down wearily, as if to wait his pleasure with such patience as she could command.

However, Doctor Remy was going as straight to the 鏉窞鎸夋懇淇濆仴鎶€甯?point鈥攈is point, at least鈥攁s could be wished. “Perhaps you will be less indifferent to these rumors,” he continued,


insinuatingly, “when you understand that they concern you, and your good name, much.”

A slight flush rose to Astra’s face, and her eyes lit; but she kept her seat, and she answered not a word, though Doctor Remy waited a moment, as if he expected her to speak. Seeing her silent, however, he went on,

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