But the statement also promises,Although using a manufacturing process two generations behind,But it does not prevent the realization of the basic functions of the brain-computer chip。Although it may cause the overall performance of the chip to drop by 25%,But without professional software testing,Basically the same during use。

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At the same time promise for China,In use14nmProcess brain-computer chip products,Future prices will be reduced by 10%,And will increase supply,Suppress scalper prices。
not only that,Weihua has also been used on the official website14nmProcess brain-computer chipP45Test video of the prototype。
According to the presentation of the video,The impact is still there,But definitely within the acceptable range。
The final statement reiterated that this was only a temporary help。
Both companies are actively following7nmConsultation with the foundry factory of the manufacturing process,Strive for an early recovery7nmProcess brain-computer chip supply。
After reading all the information dumbfounded,Tim·Cook shook off the secretary,Calm down for a moment,Then I sat back in my position,Microphone on。
No one is speaking,Tim·Cook can see from the screen everyone’s faces are not very good,Especially Liu Jiren, Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company,Already black into carbon。
Apparently he was away for ten minutes just now,More than one person got the news,Or someone helped him announce the news in the league。
“So everyone should already know what happened?”Tim·Cook repressed and asked。
No one said anything for a while。
Obviously everyone was dazzled by this sudden show operation。
“Can anyone tell why there are brain-computer chips14nmDesign version?And it has already been successfully taped out?Are all Chinese people crazy??”After a long silence,Stephen just said。
Yes,This is meaningless behavior in Stephen’s view,But made their highly targeted operations a joke。