“but……Good songs are not easy。”Han Donger’s cuteness is cuteness,But it’s not ignorant。

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“It’s ok,Since we met the old man and the old man together,That is fate。”Shen Huandao:“I will do my best to help him!”
He naturally put gold on his face。
If there is no reward for the mission,Shen Huan can send the old man in at most16Strong,The sky is big。
Could it be possible that the world has no《Jasmine》Should I sing for the old man??
Sun Yan can’t help it anymore:“Hey,Teacher Lu,If you have a song, you can consider our Donger!Don’t waste it all the time,What a pity!”
Han Dong’er glared at her。
Shen Huan helped Xiaotian make up the words:“Assistant Sun,What you said is wrong,Can this be a waste?I have to thank Dong’er and the old man,So it inspired my creation!If because of this, my creative ability has greatly improved,Wouldn’t Dong’er also benefit?”
Sun Yan actively ignored the first half sentence,And then the road full of heart:“Then you quickly create,Inspire more inspiration!”
Assistant Sun’s Face Changing Fast,It’s jaw-dropping。
at this time,Sun Yan’s phone rang。
She looked at the phone,Say to the two with your mouth:“boss。”
Then she ran to the balcony,It took a while to come back。
“Damn,Dong’er, turn off the phone,They still didn’t give up,I called the boss directly,The boss is also in a bad shape。”Sun Yandao,“Teacher Lu,Do you want to sell this song?200Million after tax,You just have to say,No need to sign a contract,10Will be on your account in minutes。same,Father can use Shang to sing songs。”
After buying the copyright,Theoretically,This song is someone else’s。
Unusual KaraOKsing,Friends singing at a gathering,Of course it’s casual。