“So many problems。”Zhao Xionglie mumbled,Went outside the tent。

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Gan Yifan hesitated,By the way, he has never tried to absorb flames directly,Looking at the crimson flame, it feels a little bit helpless。I tried the flame heat in my palm,Not comparable to the temperature away from the fire,A broad mind,Try to absorb。
A while,Gan Yifan went out and said:“All right。”
Zhao Xionglie was stunned,“So fast?”
Go into the tent and take a look,A small half bottle of kerosene is not left,Puzzled:“You absorb according to the method I taught you?”
“How can it be so fast,There must be three caps,You absorbed it all?”
“Yes,I just put my palm up,It’s burned out in a while。”Gan Yifan is also puzzled,“Am i wrong?”
“no no,Since it is absorbed, it is correct。”Zhao Xionglie looked back at him,“Will there be a feeling of fire inside,It’s very hot,Eat so full。”
Gan Yifan felt it,“A little hot,But I don’t feel full。”
“This is not right,I feel full when I absorb the amount of one cap,Very hot in the body,And you are less than level four……”Zhao Xionglie nervously,“or,You try again?Let me see where the problem is。”
Gan Yifan thought about it,Nod。
Lihuo cannot be practiced in front of people,But there is no need to avoid people when absorbing flames,He also wants to try to absorb it once in front of Zhao Xionglie。
Zhao Xionglie didn’t dare to let Gan Yifan pour the fire oil,Just the amount of one cap,After lighting,Gan Yifan put his palm up,Then I heard“Whoosh”A soft sound,Burnt out,The fire went out。
“you……You violate the laws of physics!”Zhao Xionglie is a little confused,Ignite with fire wick,The role is to delay the burning rate of kerosene,Easy to absorb,But Gan Yifan is good,The fire core cotton just doesn’t work at all,Burned directly,Not left。
“Hot or not?Up or down?”
“heat,But not up。”