“too disgusting,I don’t know if their coach asked them to do this,Or the management asked them to do this。”

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“A bad team against fans,It is a devastating blow to players。It’s hard to see players who don’t lose their will,When a player loses his ambition,Then everything is meaningless。”
“I will never join a bad team!”Small fish!
competition is over,Lakers come from behind,91:83Win again,Win the last consecutive away game in the Eastern Conference。
The Lakers group after the game,Finally boarded the flight,Back to Los Angeles,Their home court。
24End of the day and the Nets game,25Return to Los Angeles to correct one day,26Day against the Bucks again,The Bucks have so many talented players,But their record currently only28Win40negative。
Wenbeck,Glen Robinson,Ray Allen The Three Musketeers,All have outstanding talents,The cornerstone of the team is already in the formation!All they need is a coach who can inspire them。
The Milwaukee Bucks are also an interesting team,1968Joined NBA,Only three years,1970-71The season is on SkyGo Kareem and BigOOscar Roberts won the championship,They are joiningNBAThe team with the shortest time to win the championship。in1970The Bucks are an absolute strong team,Just because Kareem envy the warm sunshine of California,in1975Left the Bucks to join the Los Angeles Lakers。
1980The Bucks in 2015 are also very good,Sidney-Moncliffe became the absolute core of the team,Elected the league’s best defensive player as a rare guard in history,Sidney-Moncliffe in1980The years led the Bucks to the top again。The addition of Don Nelson makes the team continuous7Years obtained50+Record。
The decline of the Bucks is at87Season,Don Nelson left the Bucks that season,Served as Executive Vice Chairman of the Golden State Warriors,This is the departure of the most successful coach in the history of the team。Tang·Neil is coaching the Bucks11In the year,Lead the team to play540Win344Negative success,More than wins in seven seasons50field,And won the division championship seven times in a row。Another reason is affected by Moncliffe’s injury。After seven consecutive seasons of fatigue,in1986-87Only played this season due to injury39Game,Averaged11.8Minute。
To succeed Don Nelson is the current Lakers head coach Silver Fox Del Harris,Harris on the Bucks5The season wins are42,49,44,48Win,Fifth season8Win9Lose and get swept out。
Harris’ performance in the Bucks is very good,The Bucks boss in those seasons was Ricky-Pierce,Average per game22+2+2Small forward。Leading such an arguably very poor lineup to make the playoffs every year is enough to explain the problem.。
With the departure of Harris,The stag has completely become a fish belly,31Win,28Win,20Win,25These wins were played by the Bucks after Harris left,The Milwaukee Bucks have completely fallen from the strong team in recent years,Become a deceptive tank team。
Even Kobe agrees with the current Bucks three carriages,Glen Robinson,Wenbeck,The talents of the three people of Ray Allen。All three of them have the potential to become the strongest stars under the superstar。The Bucks’ current problem is not their three cores,But the coach cannot build a system that can match three stars,The team has only offensive finishers,No attacker,Role players are too bad, etc.。
These problems are not difficult to solve,Give a courageous manager one or two years to build the Bucks into an absolutely strong team。
But the current stag is indeed a tank belly。