I also want to break through the platform。

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Li Yazu’s face is suddenly ecstatic color,Broken and shudder。
immediately,What did she think of?,Bite,“I don’t know if the core disciple assessment will end.,That small hybrid……”Narrate。
Li Tong brow wrinkle,Spin and stretch,“Chaotic small and external time flow rate,Today, I have been in the past two months.,It is more than a year in it.,Maybe the teenager named Wang Wei,I have already died inside.,during this time,There is already a number of disciples who have an unqualified number to eliminate,More people are falling。”
Toned,Also,“Even if you die,Don’t pay attention to him,do you know,Even if we have the mid-term master of Linghai,But the little guy gathers more attention。”
Li Yazi,Hurry。
However,The eyes are deep but there is a grievance。
Since you can’t teach the small hybrid,But the people around him don’t think about it.!
NS3274chapter Dead and death
Summer does not know some of the newly usable of the outside world。 He has a comprehensive breakthrough to Wu Wangjing。
Especially soul,Even the post of Wu Wang。
More exaggerated,It is his mental force that can stand up to million.。
Means of,If he is willing,Can be covered with a round twenty,Everything in it,Can be in the mind。
certainly,This situation is unable to maintain long-lasting。
So that is the case,Let others know,I am afraid that it will be shocked.。
After a moment,Wantong et al. Appears from different directions,His heaven。
Everyone has a complicated complexity,More is the delight of your heart。
after all,In this environment,More powerful teammates,More guarantees。
Negotiate,Everyone decided to go on tomorrow.。
“I want everyone to know.,We can find the top five levels of information,I can even know some information from the elders.。”
Talking is Wantong,“but,Five-story,There is no longer,Everyone should be like this.。”
Everyone nodded and。
Delicate between Wantong’s look,“In fact,Countless years ago,In addition to the energy of the initial seal,After that, no one has entered the sixth floor or more.。”
“In the past few years,Every thousand years,The nine life and death will mature once,After maturation,I will send an inner disciple to the fifth floor.,Correlated array and secret,Traction nine life and death。”
“Mature life and death,Will be the cornerstone,Nine old ancestors have a life and death,Under cooperation,Reinforcement。”
Merely,Wantong looks to everyone,“Means of,Countless years,The inner courtyard is the same as us.,Arrive at the fifth floor,As for what the sixth floor to the ninth floor is,Nobody knows,It is the ancestor.。”
Everyone caught silence。
They came before,Have a similar saying。
“I want everyone to see it.,Chaotic small limit,It is the Wu Wang Dalian,Like that star goddess,If you go to our outside world,I am afraid that I have already broken through the Linghai.,But here,It can only be a dairy of Wu Wang.,This is the law of heaven and earth。”
“And if the spirit of Ling Sea enters here,It will break the space law in a moment.,So I have this assessment,Early dangerous everyone saw it,So after the sixth floor,Will be more dangerous,Everyone is falling at any time.,Are you ready??”
“As long as you can take out the nine life and death,Death is dead!”
“right,Let’s come.,How could be afraid of death。”
Everyone should sound,Everyone’s face is emerging。
For them,It is no longer a simple assessment now.。
Still related to human survival and continuation。
At this time,Since the summer suddenly opened,“Five or six hundred people participating in the assessment,We initially have a total number of fifty-eight people,According to the fifth floor,We have been trimmed another year,Why didn’t you see them??”
I heard this sentence,Everyone is at the scene,It is also the color of the doubts.。
“Yes,It is reason to say that the fifth layer should be encountered。”