“What are you doing?“Chen Yueqin jumped off the kang,Questioning loudly。Wang Degui, who was lying reclining on the kang, also yelled and sat upright,He didn’t understand why Zhao Hong acted like this。

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Zhao Hong tapped on the wall with her finger,Yu Tuan’s wet mud came out on his fingers。She is loud Shouted to Xia Erniu:“Quickly arrange,Let them move,This corner is soaked in water,If there is another heavy rain,This house has to go down“
Chen Yueqin’s face changed a lot,She just understood,Why did Zhao Hong do this?。But this suspicious woman is not at ease,She even digged it with her hands,But the result is exactly the same as Zhao Hong’s。
“Thank you leaders for caring about my family,The corner is soaked,I already knew。But rest assured,Just this mud wall in our house,Less than two hours in the sun tomorrow morning,Its hardness and steel,You want to send someone to tear it down,So this family doesn’t need to move anymore”Wang Degui jumped off the big kang,Laughed。
Xia Jian doesn’t know where this Wang Degui has so much confidence,He smiled and walked over:“Uncle Wang!You are also an old leader for many years,Don’t make problems for the village anymore,For the safety of your family,Let’s hurry up and move out!In case something happens,Everyone can’t explain”
“Hi!See what you said,I did this to reduce the burden on the villagers。You said it’s impossible for this extremely heavy rainstorm that’s rare in a century to go to our Xiping Village every day.!”Wang Degui questioned Xia Jian with a smile。
Xia Jian said patiently:“This is what we worry about,just in case…”
“Just in case,There is nothing in my case。We won’t move,Of course,If there really is what you said in case,That’s my fate,Have nothing to do with you leaders。Those villagers who watch the excitement can write down what I said”Wang Degui raised his voice and shouted。
Xia Jian looked back,There are a lot of villagers in the yard who come to see the excitement,That’s why Wang Degui was very energetic when so many people said。I feel like he is the boss here,What he says is authority。
Xia Jian was so angry that he almost scolded his mother,This whole world,There are such people who treat others kindly as donkey liver and lungs。But it’s different from Ouyang Hong behind him,She smiled slightly,Walked out with the phone。
Ouyang Hong dialed Wang Youdao directly,One call,Wang Youdao yelled angrily on the phone:“Mayor Ouyang,What’s the matter with you?”
First1193chapter Secondary disaster
some things,No one would have thought。
Ouyang Hong heard Wang Youdao’s impatience on the phone,So she said coldly:“Mayor Wang,I’m in your Xiping Village right now。The back of your house is made of adobe,A corner that has been soaked by a heavy rain this morning,You can pull out the mud with one hand,The situation is very critical,But your parents refused to move away”
“what?They refuse to move away?Which one I want to make again?Anyway,I still thank you for my family,Give your phone to my dad,I’ll tell him“Wang Youdao on the phone suddenly changed his tone,He smiled and said to Ouyang Hong。
Ouyang Hong gave a cold snort,Shouted to Wang Degui:“Mayor Wang’s phone!“She said,So he put the phone in Wang Degui’s hands。
Wang Degui holding a mobile phone in his hand,My face is flushed,But I can’t insert a word,In the end he only:“Hey!”With a,So he handed the phone to Ouyang Hong。It seems that Wang Youdao hung up as soon as he finished speaking,It seems that Wang Youcai is very dissatisfied with Wang Degui’s actions。