then,In this waiting process,IGEveryone has received it.SKTandFWThe result of the competition。

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No accident,There is no black horse counterattack。
SKTDefeatedFW,The final score of the Taiwanese brothers is also very miserable,12:2。
Equal,FWThis facesSKT,Not exhibited any resistance,It is directly posed by the base.。
There is also a very interesting data on the field.,Competing time19minute,The head of the field is3:0。
Obvious,SKTIn this one,Play the style of traditional Korean operations,AlwaysFWDeadly suppressed。
I heard the palace of this message,Silently silently mourning a few seconds。
After the end of this game,Many netizens who have no dry online,Just“Currently, it is a version of operation.,Still the version of the fight”This topic launched a fierce discussion。
Discuss to the end,I haven’t discussed any results.,BecauseIGThe game is already about to begin.,Who else has a mood?。
at last,Still open this post of the landlord,I finally said in the building.:I think it is still the idea of fighting.。certainly,It is especially important to find the balance point on these two things.。
“Dear friends,Welcome to return againMSIStage,I am coming to the doll。”
“I am Miller。”
Both people introduce themselves,Miller has once again opened:“actuallyIGandG2These two teams,It is also very slander.。”
Narrate,After Miller paused,The doll also responded very quickly.。
“Yes,Last year’s World World,IGJust end the handG2World World Tour。And this year,There are some people in both sides.。”
“After this change,I don’t know if I can show some things on both sides and different last year.?let us wait and see。”
Circular,Palace Qing just came to the end,Just attracted the opposite person.。
Palace Qing stunned,No responsePWho is giving?。
Ok,He reacted,Actually he greeted him。
IGSome people are very curious on their faces.,Then give the palace to the Palace to open a road,Let him and APFace-to-face。
Be subject to,It is also the teaching of the palace,Miye’s English is still good,At leastPCommunication is unobstructed。
“hi,qg。We meet again。”
“Yes,have not seen you for a long time。”
The palace, I feel that I am greeted some little embarrassment.,ApPObviously don’t think so。
“We look at the last game.,Oh, you are too good.,Let me have a big pressure。”
I listened to the referee of the talking,Both after this sentence,I can’t help but look at it.P。
This referee,I understand the English。The reason why he will listen to the two people.,Also to avoid some trouble。
And that is unlikely,Things happen on the sales of information on the player。
PalacePThere is no special reaction this sentence.,European and American people are particularly good at such praise each other,It can be seen as their daily guest set.。
Palace Qing, some understanding,Immunization directly。
but,Come and not,Palace also has blown a waveP。
“Oh,Yes?I have done it.。It’s you,I can still be so strong after changing the location.,Really very powerful。”
NSPNarrate,Suddenly smile,Subsequently, he started with his teammates behind him.。
In this process,He is still not clipped into one or two self-selling words。