Next,A group enters an old house?。

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Everything is properly arranged,Everyone entered the lobby to start chatting.。
soon,It is also a bit of a cautious Liu Qingqing.,A grandfather,Directly let the old blog。
Summer,Follow it, just like going home。
But after chatting,He stood up,“Grandfather,Grandpa,Let me see my dad.。”
Master and Chujiang Yunyi,Liu Qingqing also set up。
Summer rushing her,“Old willow,You stay with your father first,I want someone to go.。”
“Uh,good”Liu Qingqing I don’t know what the expression I should make,Slowly sit down,The Yu Guangyu in the eyes is careful with the father.。
“Go back。”
The father of the father is not changed.,Big hand,“By the way http://www.fjgyz.cnand the smell,That is, my body is so good.,Don’t worry。”
Summer smiled nodded,Turn and leave the old house。
He did not immediately go to the Mountain Cemetery,Instead, I came to Lingyun Group.。
I quickly saw Xia Xue and Su Xiao Xiao.。
The two are naturally happy。
Especially Su Xiaoxiao,The thoughts in the eyes are like overflow.。
As sole snow,Will definitely be saved。
“Sister,This year, you and small to eat.。”
Occult,Summer avoiding Su Xiao,Single Snow。
“I’m OK,But small”Xia Xue has some entanglement,“Little is going back to Qinghai?。”
Summer stunned,A shoot forehead,“I almost forgot this.。
Her parents are in Qinghai?。”
Xia Xue has no good breath.,“Do you think it is you?,I can’t tell you home.,I will dare to bully small days later.,I can’t put you.。”
“How do I dare?。”
Summer shrinking neck,What did you think of,Some distressed,“New Year is really troublesome,Sister,You said that I don’t have to go to Changan with old willow.?”
“That is your business,Don’t ask me。”