14 monthly games, averaging 30+ triple-doubles per game, Dongqiqi became the third person in NBA history

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In November, Dongqiqi set a remarkable data.Picture / Visual China was restricted by Leonard and Paul George in the last round. Lone Ranger lost at home. The lesson learned from East Cic broke out again today, leading the team to challenge the sun and score 42 points, 9 rebounds, 11The quasi-three doubles of assists helped the Lone Ranger win 120 to 113.The Lone Ranger and the Suns were originally the Western Conference team in the past few seasons, but both teams rebounded this season, both of which are firmly ranked among the Western Conference playoff teams.Today the two teams directly confront each other, which is related to the competition for seats in the playoffs.East Cich, Booker’s two star heads-up match is also full of attention.From the perspective of the whole game, East Cic’s limelight covered Booker who overshadowed the home battle. Under the condition of the partner Porzingis feeling bad, East Cic decisively provoked the team’s offensive task, making 12 of 24 shots.,, scored 42 points, tied a career high single-game high, and scored 9 rebounds, 11 assists, and “Mr. 70 points” Booker only 18 points into the account.After this campaign, East Cicci also achieved an achievement.In November, he played 14 games on behalf of the Lone Ranger and led his team to 9 wins and 5 losses. Dong Qiqi achieved a bumper harvest on his personal data. Among them, 9 games scored at least 30 points, and the assist doubles also reached 9 games, monthly.The average data achieved 30+ triple-doubles, that is, at least 30 points per game, 10 rebounds, 10 assists.In the history of the NBA, only two stars have done this, namely “Big O” Oscar Robertson and Westbrook, the two have achieved this achievement 5 times.Considering East Cic won the best player in the West last week, this month’s personal data and team record are not bad, a few days later, he is likely to win the title of the first player of his career.

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