Shen Ruoxi knows he is wrong,Even sophistry is imaginary,So she still chose a calming attitude。

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“Be honest with me,If you dare to touch me again,Humph。”
Song Min finally threatened Shen Ruoxi again,No longer tangled。
The transport plane continues to fly in the sky,Ten minutes later,Six out of ten Shen’s sisters really fell asleep,Finally, even Shen Ruoxi and Song Min fell asleep one after another……
Qin Liang is bored,Shen Ruoxi and Song Min are asleep,He doesn’t need to pretend to doze off,So he looked around,Finally I saw Ling Mofeng who was in a daze,So he stood up lightly,Cautiously walked to Ling Mofeng’s side,I pulled Ling Mofeng with my hand,Motion to Ling Mofeng to go with him。
Two people walked one after the other to the rear end of the transport plane。
“Tell me something?”
Ling Mofeng asked Qin Liang in a low voice,Because it’s on the way,So his attitude and tone of speech are very serious and correct,It’s totally gone with the unruly appearance when talking with Qin Liang。
“It’s okay to explain,Isn’t this not drowsy even looking,Let’s talk for a while and pass the time,I can’t do anything else in this place anyway,Ha ha。”
Chapter three thousand eight hundred and forty four Who are you scolding
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Chapter three thousand eight hundred and forty four Who are you scolding
Qin Liang replied casually。
“What do you want to talk about?”
Ling Mo Feng asked。
“casual,Talk about anything,If you have any questions, please ask me,I can also patiently advise。”
Qin Liang’s answer with a big tail wolf。
“Reinstall!But I do have a question to ask。”