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Baby Ou thought he didn’t make it clear,“Su Mei,Su Mei,You talked to Renjie for a long time today,The one who gave the motorcycle license plate,Not the one crying outside。”
Smiled,“I know,It’s the one that is beautiful for a while and ugly for a while,Like a face change,I think she can sign in to my studio,May be hot!!Generally this kind of female artist who tests subjective aesthetics and is easy to dispute,Are easy to get out of the circle,They are still the darlings of the film industry。Didn’t Wan Ming set up several film projects??Sign her back and just tuck her in,Maybe it just soared into the sky。”
“.”Baby Ou is frightened now。
Mom was still talking about whether she can stop the plug-in that the plot god gave Su Mei,She also said to verify first,Not necessarily。result,just now,like,seem,No need to verify.
Chapter five hundred and forty three misunderstanding
Is not,This doesn’t make the plot god put a heartthrob plug-in on Su Mei,Is it a real hammer??
Because it’s obvious,Ono’s interest in Su Mei,then,It’s definitely not looking for new people,It’s all boys’ interest and curiosity about girls!!Otherwise, how could elder brother and elder brother be so nervous and upset??
But now,Huaiye is thinking of a broker,Looks like a boy who is not in love at all。
Baby Ou looked down at his arm,She doesn’t need hair removal,Space water,Her pores are very invisible,Hair is also invisible。But Baby Ou knows,right now,She must stand up.
on,A little scary。
I don’t speak strangely。Socialist core values help me create a better life!!!!Prosperity, democracy, unity and struggle!!!
Baby Ou was thinking a lot of nonsense,I feel calm。Anyway,No matter what others,She is just an ordinary person with beautiful looks。Unfinished work,Unfinished homework,Unfinished documents,Unfinished report.If there is any magical power,She doesn’t ask for anything else,I just hope to keep her from working and make Daou flourish,So that she can spend money without going to work,No need to control your diet,No sun protection,No need to spray mosquito repellent with mosquito repellent stickers in summer.