“Can only see but not touch,It’s better not to watch。”

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Qin Liang said wrongly。
“Again……Let you touch do you dare to touch?”
Murong Shan said funny。
“Look down on who?cut。”
Qin Liang said hard,People sit on the sofa without moving。
“Big tail wolf!”
Murong Shan whispered,I looked at the ceiling and stopped talking。
“Hungry?Get up let’s go out to eat,Take a stroll,I don’t care if I go back anyway.,Big deal, let’s stay one night,Same goes for tomorrow。”
Qin Liang knew that after going back,I have no chance to be alone with Murong Shan like this,I feel a little bit reluctant,So I want to stay here one more day。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Two Shocking
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“Ok,I’m going to get up and get dressed。Are you out,Still sit here and enjoy?”
Murong Shan went to bed after taking a shower last night,So she only has underwear on her body now。