“Is there a difference?no?If there is a difference,How could I be recognized by the female soldier as soon as I got out of the toilet?”

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“Skin monkey”Asked with a smile but a smile。
“They are here specifically for you,So they must have seen your photos dozens of times,Hundreds of times,It’s normal to recognize you,But ordinary people watch it twice at most,Forget it three times,So the probability of recognizing you is not very high。”
Song Junming is talking to himself……Such naive logic,Probably only he can think of it。of course,Maybe he said this just for relief“Skin monkey”That’s it。
“I’ll make a list later,You go out and help me buy things back。”
“Skin monkey”Thought for a while,Seems to have an idea in my heart,And said casually。
“You don’t want to make a gun here, do you?”
Liu Jian blurted out……
“You think too much,Although I can make a gun,But I dislike any violence,otherwise,I went out to rob with my gun,Ha ha,Your mind is useless。”
“Skin monkey”Said with a happy smile。
“You want to buy disguise materials?”
Song Junming thought about it seriously and said。
“rare,You are finally smart!You guessed it right this time。”
“Skin monkey”Laughed again。
“You don’t have research in this area too?”
Liu Jian asked curiously。
“Ha ha……My level of disguise,Better than plastic surgery,Believe it or not?”
“Skin monkey”Proudly asked。