Ma Xiaotao’s eyes flashed,“Junior brother,Do you know who that freshman is?”

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Qianyu nodded“Ok!I do know,But Sister, let’s answer my question first”
Ma Xiaotao said helplessly“My martial soul is defective,Once you practice and use spirit power,It will be difficult to suppress the evil fire in the body,And I lost control a few days ago,Attacked three people,Almost killed them”
“When i wake up,I found that my evil fire was suppressed,Only then did I realize that there was a gray-white flame in the palm of my hand, constantly devouring the evil fire in my body!So brother,This matter is very important to me!Tell me what his name is?”
Listen to her,How could Qianyu not know,This woman is the inner courtyard student who fell into a coma after attacking them that day!!!
It’s really a narrow road!
Qianyu smiled bitterly“Sister,You might not need to go find him”
Ma Xiaotao heard the words,My face became gloomy,“What’s up with him?Was it dealt with by the college??hateful!!!Obviously promised me to keep this new born!!”
Qianyu’s calm opening road“Sister,The new born with an evil spirit,it is me”
Chapter Three Hundred and Four What’s wrong with Qianyu(Subscribe)
Now it’s Ma Xiaotao’s turn to be stunned,Believing“what?Junior brother,Are you making me happy??”
Qianyu did not explain,next moment,Behind him suddenly appeared a ghostly angel emitting a gray flame,Followed by,A horrible evil aura burst out all over his body and rushed towards Ma Xiaotao.……
Feel this huge and pure evil aura,Ma Xiaotao only feels that even her Soul Emperor’s spirit power level has been suppressed by this force by at least 30%.!
I can’t help but smack my lips with emotion“It’s really pure evil”
Then his tone was solemn“Don’t say more then!”
Stop talking,Ma Xiaotao untied half of her clothes gracefully,Exposed extremely smooth Baizhe skin,Then he reached out to pull the clothes down……
Qianyu hurriedly started at the side,Cheeks are quite ruddy“Elder sister,You are?”
I’m only twelve years old now!Could it be that Senior Sister has been controlled by evil fire at this moment?