Mingcheng nodded,Hurried out。

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“Xiaosheng also told me on the road just now,Said this dagger was made by Xuan Gang!”
Mo Zizhen hurriedly said。
Dugu Fengyun groaned,Nod,Eyes have been sweeping back and forth on the sharp knife,There is a strange light in the eyes。
Ming Cheng ran in quickly from outside the door at this time,Two sharp bayonets in hand。
Dugu Fengyun said nothing,Took the bayonet in one hand,Turning the Xuangang dagger in one hand,Insert it fiercely on the solid wood table。
“puff”Muffled,The tip of this dagger is effortlessly inserted into the thick solid wood table。
Dugu Fengyun held the hilt of this dagger,Holding a bayonet in one hand,Align the tip of the knife with the side of the dagger,Then pierced hard。
A crisp sound,At the same time,I saw that the tip of the bayonet in Dugu Fengyun’s hand was stabbed and rolled up.,And the dagger stuck on the table is not damaged in the slightest,Still bright and shiny,No scratches!
Dugu Fengyun’s complexion changed slightly,Then throw the bladed bayonet,Pick up another,Point the tip at the dagger again,Made a few hard strokes,Then take a closer look,I saw that the shoulder of the bayonet in his hand was still damaged.,And there is nothing strange about that dagger!
Dugu Fengyun’s complexion became more surprised,Pulled the dagger from the table,Said solemnly,“This dagger is really made of black steel!And extremely pure!”
Mo Zizhen nodded,Hurriedly said,“This dagger is when we chase down those people,Captured from the leader!Take a closer look at the brocade rope wrapped around the handle of this dagger,There are some special symbols on it!”
After getting this dagger, Mo Zizhen naturally checked it carefully.,So all the details above are clear。
He also doubted,Perhaps the identity of the owner of this dagger can be analyzed from this special brocade。
Dugu Fengyun nodded,Then I carefully glanced at the brocade on the handle,Suddenly changed,Nothing said,Grab the bayonet on the table,Use the blade of the bayonet to go into the gap of the Jinsheng,Then I snapped the Jinsheng off,He just removed the brocade on the handle of the knife,Carefully look at the Jin Sheng in your hand,Extremely dignified,Ask yourself,“Have you checked those people?!”
Mo Zizhen nodded hurriedly,Said,“But they have nothing valuable at all!”