one way or another,Winning the playoffs,Good news for the walkers and Xu Xuan。

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The big white side of the inside of the Heat is still a little immature,This game looks conscientious,There is no flaw in the fight,But if you compare his regular season game video, you can find,Da Baibian has a lot of opportunities,Finally didn’t dare to fight,Or missed。
obviously,The level of confrontation in the playoffs is still beyond his imagination。
It’s not just the Pacers and Heat this night.。
Cleveland,Cavaliers at home106-101Take the piston。
Cavaliers score1-0Lead。
This is lebron·James’s179Playoffs,Tied Michael·Jordan,HomeNBAHistory17Bit。
James won22Minute、11Assists and6Rebounds,Love Three Pointer8cast4in,Got it28Minute13Rebounds,Irving three pointer10cast5in,Got it31Minute6Assists,“Big Three”Get together81Minute,Get the others together25Minute.
Knight,Too unbalanced。
This is a team of the Big Three,The others are basically pendants。
What is more surprising is,The Pistons played very tenaciously,Not afraid of the number one knight in the East。
Zhuangshen, the big mouth,Tell the media reporter after the game,This is just the beginning,Next they will learn from the Pacers of the previous season,Reversal,Reach the final!
Xu Xuan held his forehead with his hands。
Old iron,Who gives you the confidence,That’s LeBron·James。
Not the Atlanta Hawks.
And the west side,The Clippers home to115-95Take the trailblazer,Total score1-0Lead。
The Spurs also passed without suspense at home,To106-74Big win over the Grizzlies。