Pickled pepper??

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Pickled peppers are too busy now,Both Reggie and Pop, who were thrown away by Xu Xuan just now, surrounded Pickle,No chance for pickled pepper!
Who would it be?
But before he thinks about who this candidate is,The ball flew directly to a place calledPJ·Tucker’s hands!
Xu Xuan actually passed the ball to Tucker?
Dafan and others also reacted at this time,The first time they saw Xu Xuan pass the ball, they thought it was pickled peppers,You can see the pickled peppers are tightly surrounded,They were relieved。
It’s not pickled peppers.It’s not pickled peppers.
Not look down on anyone,Dafan feels that the rest of the walkers are rubbish!
But he never expected,Xu Xuan actually passed this ball to a trash!
Does he think this Tucker can never kill?
Really lunatic,Xu Xuan, the hanging man, is so smooth。
Dafan glanced at the time,2It’s not enough time to go to the basket from Tucker’s current position in seconds,He can only shoot。
This must be an empty basket, right?
Dafan set his mind,Sit down again,But at the same time——
Tucker shot!