“Ok。”Siyue nodded and said,“In the face of absolute strength,Any conspiracy is useless。”

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“but,There are other canons in this world besides you.”
“It should be the experimental subject left by Big Gray Wolf, right?。”Si Yue said while walking in front。
Keep going with the clues,The surrounding white mist gradually filled all around。
“This is the technique of mist hiding,Siyue, be careful。”Jilai also reminded。
“.Sound of water,It looks like I found myself a favorable battle location。”Si Yue said,While jumping into the air,Where he was standing,Three shurikens with explosive charms are inserted there,Then there was an explosion。
“Are you OK,Siyue!”
“Ok,a,You can help me involve another person。”Squatting on a branch,With scarlet eyes, Si Yue stared at the front and said。
“As a ghoul, dare to take the initiative to appear in front of the investigator,You are really brave。”Then I looked at Si Yue who was squatting on the branch and said。
“Shinohara Yuki,I just didn’t bother to care about you before,But now,I have a task。”Si Yue, who left the branch, suddenly appeared behind Zai Ye Ye,Ohyuk said while attacking。
After being hit by Oihe again, it turned into a stream and fell on the ground。
“Water body!”Look around,Looking for the figure of Yuki Shinohara hidden in the white mist。
“Water escape·Dungeon!”
The water that originally fell to the ground condenses and condenses Yuuki Shinohara’s body,Sneak attack while looking for Yuki Shinohara’s figure。
“Not clone,It’s a transformation technique。”
Actually,It was at the moment when Mei Yue’s Weihe attacked,If you don’t cut it, you will become water and fall to the ground,Not only dodged the attack,Also lied to Si Yue。
Jilaiya looked at Si Yue and said eagerly,Although he is the son of Dashemaru,But Jilai has long treated him as his own son。