Sadista was silent for a moment,Although this relationship is far,And it doesn’t seem very credible,But deep in his heart, he still doesn’t dare to take this risk,After all, Beirut is so terrible in his mind。

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An entourage behind Sadista said immediately:“Lord Sadista, don’t worry,That Beirut adult may not care about a small middle god。not to mention,As long as I wait for my hands and feet faster,Master Beirut may not know that we killed the so-called Temple of War。”
“To shut up。”Sadista frowned。
The entourage did not dare to say anything。
Sadista is also considered a six-star demon in hell,The strong among the upper gods。Naturally qualified to read the files in the Renal family,He knows very well that Beirut defeated the eight Shura-level powerhouses of the eight major families head-on.。
These powerful people who are suspected of Dzogchen,Anyway, he did not dare to offend Beirut.。
While Sadista was thinking,The magic circle behind him shines again,All rays of light burst into the sky。
Sadista looks gloomy,He can guess,The strong who have come to the Magnolia continent at this moment,It is almost certainly for the treasures of the cemetery of the gods,Since it is the enemy。
A figure appeared in the magic circle,Wearing extremely delicate armor,Holding a divine sword like ice in his arms。The face is cold and handsome, as if the powerful gods of young people descended on the Magnolia Continent。
“Frost Sword Apostle?!”Sadista frowned,He knows this god,Is a strong man from the highest plane of heaven。The so-called apostle,which is‘Apostle of Destiny’,It’s a title similar to Hell Demon。
The Frost Sword Apostle is a six-star apostle of destiny who walks the law of water,Although nothing is particularly powerful,But whether it’s attacking, defending, and fleeing,Very satisfactory in all aspects,In addition, the magic sword in your hand is a special artifact,He is extremely difficult at the six-star level。But Sadista thinks he is stronger。
What the Frost Sword Apostle saw Sadista,Frowned,As if seeing something dirty,The figure flew directly away from the Arctic ice sheet。
“Really as proud as the rumors,Hope you meet Beirut,Then killed。”A trace of disgust flashed in Sadista’s eyes。
Sadista has made up his mind not to deal with the Temple of War,Turned his head and said to a subordinate:“Swady,Go to the Dark Forest to find out when the tomb of the gods will open。”
“Hordan,You arrange it,Before we open the cemetery of the gods,Don’t conflict with those god-level powerhouses,Although we don’t care,But the face of the Lord Beirut needs to be considered。”
Everyone nodded,Disappeared into the Arctic icefield in an instant。